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Transformers: Autocracy 7 Cover

Allegiances are questioned in Autocracy 7..
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Oh wow, that's an absolutely amazing picture. And not very common we see Prime in those kind of situations. The colors are really fantastic!

It would make an amazing poster.
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Just finished Autocracy 7. I know yo9u've heard it before, but really I feel like your style conveys the gravity of the situation. I amaze at how you can make robots appear to emote oftentimes without the visual cues associated with the human face. For me you are the DiVinci of TFdom. There are other masters, but only one Livio.... if you need someone to write the presser for your hardcover release...I am probably that guy.
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Hey, thanks a lot, my friend! Much obliged on the kind words!

Keep letting me know what you think of the series as it rolls on!
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I :heart: how you portray Optimus having that "Am I in the right?/Am I making the right choice?" sense with his mask on. The crumbling Autobrand adds a further touch to it.
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Why thanks:) I've always thought Optimus had a real empathetic face that could show a lot of emotion, even with the faceplate that you'd think would limit it.
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This is pretty amazing, it details that Orion is questioning his beliefs, but he has the determination to see it through the end.
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Yep..that's pretty much it exactly.
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which sets it up for the big stage!
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I really like this one. You've done some great concept stuff in here. I'm wondering about the composition, though. Prime's faceplate and chest all feel crowded by that left edge: was that a choice, perhaps to make Prime feels crowded/trapped?
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I wanted it to be a tight shot on Prime, having him fill most of the frame..though hopefully not too cramped.
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amazing art,
just one question has there been any
story about the autobot and decepticons emblem/signs

this art made me think about it
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This cover is more a metaphorical idea rather than a practical one. But as far as I know, I don't think there's been any concrete discussion about where the logos come from.
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wow, to think of it all the comics coming out , of
different point of view of transformers universal war,
their would have a great story behind the emblems ?
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Wow, yeah. Add my vote, too.
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this is the coolest optimus prime picture i have ever set eyes on. The effect of the bot signal going up in flames is an amazing touch. Sheer brilliance.
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Thanks a lot, my friend!
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Trust me, the pleasure is all mine. :D
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Not the Autobot sigil!
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thank you, this picture blew me away!
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... uhoh... someone's questionning himself?? Can't wait to read it! Awesome work once more! Lighting and the effect on the autobot sign, really great! :)
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this is awesome....
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I can't wait to read it! I love how Optimus is paint in this cover! Well done, sir! I love it! X3 I love this serie of Autocracy too much!
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Fantastic work, Livio! Absolutely loving the effect of the crumbling/lit up sigil!
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