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Transformers: Autocracy 12 Cover

Optimus Prime and Megatron go head to head in our final chapter, out next week from IDW..
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loved autocracy :)
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Why thankyou! That means a lot :)
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Ah, the energy battle axe. Classic. :D God he looks badass with his axe. :)

Awesome work, my friend. :thumbsup:
thygriever's avatar
Wow... the most epic cover you've done so far. I cannot believe this is ending. You've done an amazing job and you earn a lot of the credit for making the great story come out beautifully on page.
LivioRamondelli's avatar
Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! The series has been the most fun thing I've ever worked on.
ballisticCow's avatar
This is bound to be an epic showdown! Prime looks so badass. :D
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Last chapter, damn I was enjoying this series.
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More Than Meets The Eye Pt 2 gets referenced again! Is Meggie gonna use his ball and chain weapon in the finale, or will he just rely on his old fusion cannon?
LivioRamondelli's avatar
I wanted him to use it, but unfortunately it didn't make the final issue. Somewhere down the line though, I love that weapon as well.
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WOW, it's simply beautiful... Thanks for making this! :D
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Thanks for checking it out!
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I notice he looks a bit like Prime's design for Fall of Cybertron. Is that intentional? :)
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Not intentional..but this series, like Fall of Cybertron, both feature Prime in a pre-Earth look so hence the similarities:)
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Prime... all that is epic.
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Holy plasma-berries Batman! This is... gosh! This is awesome work!
SALVAGEPRIME8686's avatar
Oh man! I can't wait to see it! Please I hope this week got fast! I love this comic series and how you draw them, sir! You are awesome! X3
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SALVAGEPRIME8686's avatar
Very welcome, sir! You are awesome! X3
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