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Transformers: Autocracy 11 Cover

Autobots strike back in Autocracy 11...
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Such an amazing job!!!! I love this. :D
MonBa22's avatar
ninjaboy240's avatar
ASS KICKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VoltronZ1's avatar
One word my friend: Badassery!! :iconbadasplz:

Now that is how you make an awesome Transformers cover. :nod: Nice work once more. :thumbsup:
privateskittles285's avatar
holy cow thats awesome
SALVAGEPRIME8686's avatar
I can't wait to see this issue! I am very excited! X3
LivioRamondelli's avatar
Glad to hear it:) I hope you enjoy it!
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Great pic, even Bumblebee looks hard!
burnoutprime7's avatar
I wonder if fall of cybertron is gonna be like this. Nice pic :)
faliessDragon's avatar
Magnificent work! I really love it *__*
MandalorianKnight's avatar
That is awesome, I just love the details.
Atomic-Chinchilla's avatar
So are they on fire because they're dropping in from orbit or because they're just on fire? Either way, BADASS.
LivioRamondelli's avatar
Hehe, it's a little creative license..I say they're on fire from being hit with some kind of ordnance..but that won't stop 'em!
Atomic-Chinchilla's avatar
Cool guys don't look at explosions.

Autobots run through them.
victortky's avatar
I don't know whether they are on fire from descent or they have taken some hits...
HellboysLady's avatar
WOW this is wonderful my friend.
HellboysLady's avatar
You are welcome.
victortky's avatar
SERIOUSLY, this looked like an action movie poster! I love the posture and the way their weapons are discharging their payload!

the flames also helped somehow XD

Love the dynamic poses and amazing colours!
LivioRamondelli's avatar
Thankyou! Definitely wanted to get more of an actiony cover going this time around.
victortky's avatar
I can only wait with bated breath on autocracy 12!

I love this cover, it seems like they are diving down from a drop ship or something firing at the cons!
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