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Transformers: Autocracy 10 cover

Optimus Prime has arrived in Autocracy! The cover for Chapter 10..
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(You've got the touch, You got the power! YEAH!)
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Til all are One... 
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The Matrix so shines. ^^
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Amazing! Great job!
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That is just insanely bad ass! Love it! I buy the series as a material and buy it off my iPad!
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This pic is amazing. :D I am loving the way Prime looks so imposing while the blue glow from the matrix casts almost godlike feel over everyone's favourite Autobot leader.

Can't wait to get the whole series.
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Thanks!! And definitely let me know what you think when you get to read the whole thing! I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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(You got the touch... you got the powerrrrr.... yeaaah!)
Only in Autocracy i can see Optimus...sigh...

this cover is awsome!

Till all are one!
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well he was chilling around for about maybe 119 issues of IDW's main story-line so I think it's okay if they give him a break. And if you need more then there's 80 issues of Marvel stuff you can buy reprints of which is being continued, with Prime in it, in less than two months. ANd I'm pretty sure one of the two ongoings will soon have an issue showing what he's been up to.

Livio- striking stuff, I'd love to see how this looks without the white border covering any bleeding edges.
Thank you for information.

I just miss Optimus so much, though I know he need a break.
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as a die hard transformers fan your work amazes me ceaseless
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when i get money i will try to get these comics
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wow now this is a wow to me O_O' the shame to my drawings *falls and praises this picture* ooh bless
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you're welcome :v
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Wow! That's fantastically beautiful. Oooo, shiney!

"Till All Are One!"
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