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Spotlight: Megatron Cover

Cover for the upcoming Spotlight: Megatron one shot..
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He is the true leader of the Decepticons.
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You make Megatron really menacing. ^o^
ballisticCow's avatar
Looking ominous and threatening, just as he should. :D
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JoeTeanby's avatar
Slicey Slicey! Very menacing. Makes me very excited for the issue!
I love the lighting!
NickFerrazza's avatar
Cool, looking forward to Spotlight's return even more.
LightOurDarkestHour's avatar
Dark and dangerous. Amazing as always.
Agent-Sloth's avatar
hells bells man, that is stunning!
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DeInitializer's avatar
He rents buster sword from Cloud Strife (ff7) and upgrade it? :D Awesome work
LivioRamondelli's avatar
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Who needs a fusion cannon when you have a really big knife?
LivioRamondelli's avatar
It's kind of both actually! I didn't design it, but it also fires.
GRIML0CK122's avatar
all hail megatron
leokearon's avatar
Very creepy feel
SingingFlames's avatar
Nice! I love the glow & lightning effects.
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diggin that sword yo :D
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