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Spotlight: Drift Reissue Cover

A cover I did for a Director's Cut of Spotlight Drift.
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Beautiful. It is a nice picture of Drift. :drool: Nice. Keep the good work up
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You're very welcome. I am going to post an image of my drawing when I am done. :)
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Cool, I'd love to see it!
KJROMICH's avatar
It'll take me a while to draw it. 
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It's so beautiful <3 

I wish I could have this as poster up in my room, it's just amazing! 
LivioRamondelli's avatar
Glad you like it! I can send you one if you like. Feel free to shoot me an E-Mail at
LeaderWhiteFang's avatar
Wow, that would be awesome!
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So you're the one who drew for IDW Comic: Autocracy, Montrocity, Robots In Disguise chapter 6 and more
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He's all on his own. Drift pose is on point along with what I'm assuming is his crash ship in the background. Also his face seems like he's ready to start over again. Good Job!!!
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Drift is a very intriguing Cybertronian.
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.... I'm sending you invisible hugs for creating such a beautiful piece. Tight Hug
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A stunning image... the lone swordsmech under the vast cover of stars and sky... :meditation:

Interesting perspective, with Drift to the side of the image, and yet in a way he's still quite the focus of the entire thing. :) I actually really like how this is laid out! The way this scene is set, it gives us the depth and feel of both the quiet scene and the resolve of Drift's character. The gleaming of light on Drift's body and on his swords is I think what especially makes this beautiful. :heart:

I love your texturing and detail, they make for quite a unique style. Marvelous work! :love:

LivioRamondelli's avatar
Thanks very much for that!!
ZeroFangirl-Mu's avatar
You are most certainly welcome! :D
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Drift was a Decepticon before. He knows honor and that would be the reason why he join the Autobots ranks.
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Just plain cool!!!
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These piece seems the complete opposite of the other: the first one was heat, but this one says stillness and chill. Really good! Clap 
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Oh, this is so beautiful and would look fantastic framed.
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Haha, the only TF toy i have.
And the painting, wow. Beautiful scenery and mood.
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