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Robots in Disguise 17 Cover

My cover to RID 17, a very Shockwave centric issue..
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Freaking LOVE this picture. Shockwave is my favorite Decepticon for one and you did a Beyond Amazing job on this picture as well. Your depiction of the Transformer characters is some of the literal best I've seen. Seriously now want to find this book and check out others you've done. :D
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A mad scientist who love to experiment transformers and may torture some humans for his experiment----if he wanted to.

Shockwave will by logic in transformers prime and having a combination of Shockwave and Soundwave from transformers prime, we will surly lose
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:iconrainbow-dashplz::iconsaysplz:Need 20% more "are all DEATH".
One of my favorite Decepticons. Great cover, quite powerful.
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At least it's not another homage to TF #5...
Do you know when #17 is coming out?
LivioRamondelli's avatar
May, from what I hear.
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One word.... Superb! :iconw00tplz:
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this cover is BADASS!

you want to send me the rid scripts (hand-wave)
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Haha, I'm a Toydarian..mind tricks don't work on me:)
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Oh MAN!! This is one of my favorite covers of yours ever. It's got your signature grit and blockiness, but fits in a little better with the overall look of the other comics. I LOVE the way you've colored it -- that orange, pal, I'm tellin' you, is awesome. And I love the way his back leg fades onto the mist -- killer use of negative space there; it just makes him look so much huger than he would if he were all in focus.
Anyway, love it. Rock on, Sir!
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Thankyou! I am proud of this one, I like how it came together. And thanks for noticing the trick with his leg for some scale! I always try to make these guys look massive.
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Can we have a wrap around cover with "ARE ALL DEAD" on the back side, please?!?
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There's actually an homage to that issue inside Rid 17..I've always loved that comic.
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Neat! Don't like the sound of that though. Hope everyone's alright.
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You draw the most badass Shockwave! Loving the background colouring - like he's stepping away from a load of destruction he's just caused!
LivioRamondelli's avatar
Thanks, man! He's one of my faves.
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Logic is on Shockwave's side this day. =3
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Passing up a chance to buy a comic with Shockwave on the cover would be...illogical.
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