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Prime of Thrones

Because we all know Optimus Prime would be the best King Westeros ever had! Art I did for the C4 Comic-Con.
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Your style fits this moody piece perfectly!
this would give westeros a chance!
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This is what happens if Optimus finally kills Megatron...he becomes the very thing he despises.
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As his first order of business, Optimus disbands the Seven Kingdoms and establishes a democracy!
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And so, Optimus become more badass then ever
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Certainly more than meets the eye!
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Optimus did the world a favor and blasted Joffery
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Joffrey's the universe's favorite punching bag.
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I'll just add that to my list of "Million ways to Kill Joffrey Vol. 2."
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Slag yeah!!!!  All hail Prime and the Autobots!
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This is EPIC!!!! Prime doin a pose like it's nobody's bidniss Sunglasses are good 
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I am not familiar with the thrones movies or books (yet.)  But regardless, this image is glorious!!!!

I love the darkness of this piece, but the highlighting is extremely well done!  I like that you crossed his hands but have him tilted away from the light!

I love how you used the textures on this!  O_o  very well worth the effort!
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wow....this is perfect picture....
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If only. King Optimus of House Prime
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That's some wonderful imagery right there.
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The Mother of Dragons wouldn't like that very much. 
"But sire, we don't have anything as hot as dragon's fire to simply make more dragon glass and the white walkers are bearing down on us."  *Optimus holds up his cannon* "Ohhhhhhhh"

Also, I know Optimus doesn't kill, but I would pay to see him stomp Joffery.

"Autobots, ROLL OUT---crap, wait----er....MOUNT UP"
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