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Monstrosity 6 Cover

Jetfire arrives!
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I've seen this when issue #4 came out.I really think this was another cover of issue #4.It's awesome~Jetfire is so brave!
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Yeah, Jetfire! But what's that scary-looking thing behind him?
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You'll have to read Monstrosity 6 to find out!
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Everyone's favorite not-a-Valkyrie!
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Jetfire was always one of my favorites when I was a kid. Amazing work!
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Wow I love the way you drew Air Raid! THIS is transformers done right.
This is one bitchin piece...makes me eager to read it when it comes out next week
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I love Jetfire,this cover looks epic! :dummy:
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Is that Grimlock's beast form in the background?

Jetfire looks awesome, love the continuity nod to stormbringer!
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Good guess...close..
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either that or another dinobot.
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Look behind you!
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Cool! Just noticed - is that Grimlock creeping about in the background? Watch yer back Jetfire!
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Not Grimlock...but close...very good guess though:)
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Snarl?? Hehe. :)
Whatever's going on here, I can't wait to find out. The series is awesome. Taking TF somewhere new.
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With accompanying Tron-esque creepy thing in back! (Still waiting for the trade, so I have no clue...)

OK. So small crit on this one: His pelvis and thighs seem much bigger proportionally than his chest and arms do.

Random favorite part: the moss on the rock-thing in the background.

Still really looking forward to reading this, and seeing your sequential art again!
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