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Megatron and Prime

A rare quiet moment showing the genuine respect the two enemies have for one another as they each prepare to take on apocalyptic odds before the finale of "Chaos"..

This is page 21 of Transformers Ongoing #28, from IDW! Check out the series to get the story!
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1. poor cliff, crushed under rubble and unable to move.

2. the following conversation:

"optimus, where the hell are you?"

"I am a little busy at the moment, so go fight the monster yourself!"

"oh...thanks a lot!"
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it is really funny in the sense that robots who are supposed to have in-built communication devices are using communicators to talk to each other.

For a moment I was thinking that megs and OP are texting each other with iphones. XD
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Haha, yeah, I always think that's funny as well.
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I like Megatron's smile in this page, evilly awesome.
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hope to see more in autocracy!
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For a moment I thought they were texting each other....
Looks pretty epics btw. Awesome work!
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replace the communicators with iphones.
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You are really nailing the facial expressions on the bots. Very subtle but very telling.
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Thanks a lot! It's always tricky to do with Bots, but I do give it a shot.
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nice work! : )
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