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Grievous vs Clonetroopers



I'm a huge fan of The Clone Wars in its various animated forms, and I can never resist when an idea for a new scene hits me. With this one, I wanted to portray a hopeless war moment. An unlucky unit of Clonetroopers had found General Grievous and been completely slaughtered, save for one remaining trooper. With no hope remaining, he struggles to reach a thermal detonator before the end arrives.

I really wanted to make Grievous scary, like he was in the original Tartakovsky series. And I found the less of him I showed, the more menacing he looked. So I kept trimming down his details, making him essentially a black mass and not even showing where his hands gripped the lightsabers, but rather keep it a series of inhuman shapes.
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Your screams are like music to my audio receptors!

-General Grievous, Star Wars Battlefront II