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'Best of Optimus Prime' IDW

This one means a lot to me, as it is going to be my first published Transformers piece. I was lucky enough to be contacted by the fine folks at IDW and they asked me to do this cover for their upcoming "Best of Optimus Prime" tradepaperback, which will collect classic Prime stories from various years/incarnations.

Click the link below and scroll down for a bit more on the solicitation of this trade, which is shipping in May!


I was really thrilled to get the chance to do this, and thanks again to the great folks at IDW for the chance!
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I have this graphic novel! Awesome.
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One of my heroes 
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this is so fucking cool! 
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Love this one :D
Dalek-TheSupreme's avatar
woot! way cool and congratulations!!
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Congratson on the cover! Optimus is the best, and he looks badass! 
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my childhood hero ;_;
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I love how this piece captures the enormity of Optimus. And the detail is just insanely meticulous, nice work. Oh, and congratulations on being noticed, I'm looking forward to the collection.
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Thanks for checking it out, I appreciate it!
This is what Transformers are all about in the nutshell. You nailed it. Its perfect and needs to be made into a poster!
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Why thanks! I really worked hard on this one. I wanted to do Prime justice!
Mission acomplished. 
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Congrats on the publishing! I love the textures you have used on Optimus
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You have just made Optimus Prime even more awesome than he was before! Well done! 8-)
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You're welcome! :)
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Classic Optimus Prime at his very finest. [c:
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