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We run a private cat shelter, receiving donations of cat food and supplies from the local Humane Society and private citizens. Our veterinarian gives us special rates and helps us place some of the cats we shelter, and is kind enough to do a house-call for the annual inoculations. More than half of our cats came to us at over twelve years of age, though, which pretty much makes them un-placeable--they're nearly seniors, as the average cat life span is about 16 years. We also deal with cats with various disabilities; thyroid problems (needing daily pills), diabetes (daily insulin shots), behavioral problems (abused or raised feral), epilepsy, etc. We even had one special-needs kitty who was the living image of those manipulated pictures on the Twisted Kitty cards and calendars; too-big eyes, little-bitty ears...Doodlebug was born with no lower teeth, fused/malformed hips and spine, a herniated diaphragm, SEVERE allergies and asthma--there was no one else the Humane Society *could* place him with but us! He unfortunately died at a hear and a half of a severe asthma attack, but at least we gave him another year.

Any profit we make off the pictures we put up on this account for this site will go towards maintaining our colony. We are not hoarders; our veterinarian, County board, and local Humane Society can attest to that. Our cats are all well-cared-for with two litter boxes (All Hail Scoopable Litter!!) per cat, cleaned twice daily; at least nine kinds of dry food and plenty of water available at all times; twice-daily feedings of canned food; all necessary veterinarian care; soft beds and toys galore; and one large room dedicated to a jungle-gym-like creation of logs and planks and carriers and such for them to play and sleep on. We also have an outside fenced-in are with plenty of room for them to run, log play-areas that have been confused with sculptures (I can't believe somebody wanted to BUY one! ::still staring in amazement::), and two big trees to climb. People have come into our house and a half-hour later, only just realized we even *have* at least one cat; we’re rather obsessively clean, and neutering all males removes the main odor problem with cats. All of our cats are spayed/neutered; they are not breeding, unless a female comes to us already pregnant.

We are also cat behaviorists, helping people deal with various feline problems. We have a website at, where we've posted a number of informational pages dealing with various problems cat owners might have to deal with. We are not and never have been veterinarians; everything we known about cats has been learned through personal experience and extensive research. Go ahead and check it out!

Favourite Visual Artist
Gary Patterson, for cats!
Tools of the Trade
anything but oil paints!
Other Interests
Cats and art
We've finally gotten our own website up--it's at, and we've put all of our accumulated knowledge on cat behaviorism there, complete with illustrations.  It's all freely available to whoever wants to look.  We're hoping people will find the information useful in dealing with any problems them may be having with their cats,or even just to get ideas on improving their and their cat's lives.  Go check it out! We're also hopeful that they might want to donate a couple bucks towards helping us maintain our colony of mostly-seniors; every little bit helps, especially as older cats tend to get more health issues, naturally.  We ha
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I started doing calendars with our cat pictures for Christmas presents in 2007.  Just before Christmas 2009, I found out that they were now not only expected, but *in demand*--people wanted to *buy* copies!  ::looks amazed:: As printing up copies myself is rather frustrating--printers not really liking any thicker paper, and photo paper now usually having that pesky watermarking on the back side!--I decided to make use of this site's professional printing capabilities to let people order calendars, and individual prints, as they want them. It's also a way I can offer to tinker with other people's cat photos.  I've got a lovely touch-screen
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