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Green walls are considered as the best alternative solutions for gardening in both commercial and residential areas. Property owner generally opts for this solution when they do not get enough horizontal space on their property to grow a garden. In addition, it also enables owners to make their property more attractive and beautiful.

Overall, it is fair to conclude that installing a green wall in homes, offices, shops, events or other commercial areas can help owners to bring both environmental and aesthetical benefit. In the section below we will take you through a comprehensive guide on vertical gardening and reveal the benefits of installing one.

About Green Wall

Green walls are also known as vertical garden and they are comprised of plants. Advanced level vertical gardens are also combined with water delivery system. You can grow a vertical garden organically in your home. In that case, you have to choose the right wall and install frame into it in order to grow a vertical garden. But growing a green wall is not as easy as it seems. So it is always suggested to hire a professional company that offers professional services like installing a vertical garden in Melbourne or in the other cities in Australia.

The Process of Growing Green Wall

Green wall or vertical gardens are generally constructed like the real one. After choosing the most suitable wall, the service provider installs frame into it. It is generally suggested to use material like poly vinyl chloride for building the frame. After installing the frame, in the next stage, the service provider will decorate the wall with flowers and plants.

In case if a green wall is equipped with in-built water delivery system then the vertical garden will get the required water for growing. But if the garden is not equipped with such a system then you have to give water to the garden physically.

Benefits of Installing a Green Wall

There are plenty of advantages you can avail by installing a vertical garden in Melbourne or in the other cities according to your convenience. Check some of the most prominent benefits of this type of wall system in the below section:

    1.      It helps owners to reduce the in-house heat

    2.      It improves the aesthetic value and the reselling value of the property

    3.      It can also work as a sound insulating barrier

So, this is all about vertical garden and the benefits of installing one. If you still have any question regarding this then feel free to leave us a mail.