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Most of my work is available as prints, shirts or custom items! So make sure to also check out my Etsy and Amazon shops to see what is available for purchase.

Links to all of my online shops can be found here: www.artworkbylivingdeadgirlnic…

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Stay Spooky!
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As mentioned in my previous post, I reached out to one of my favorite foundations to team up with them. With this week being the 10 year anniversary of Sophie Lancaster's death, I wanted to do something that will not only give back but continue to help bring awareness to such an important cause. A cause some people in the US might not even be aware of and should actually be something we should be fighting for as well!

I have made 5 limited edition Dead Girl Decay barrettes where 50% of the proceeds earned will be donated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Even though they look similar they are handmade which means no 2 are exactly alike. Unique, just like Sophie!

Sophie Group Barrettes

"Sophie was a thoughtful, sensitive individual and she would not have wanted her death to have been in vain." - Sylvia Lancaster

In the center of each flower is a rose cameo accented in red glitter to represent Sophie's thoughtful and sensitive spirit. The black and red rose petals and feathers are symbolic of Sophie's gothic and artistic style as well as symbolic to the foundation colors. Each barrette has a small iridescent glitter tear drop on one of it's petals. This is to represent the loss that is felt from Sophie's death. The loss of a person whose life was taken from her by thoughtless, close minded people. All because she was a beautiful, unique individual.

Sophie Single Barrette

These limited edition pieces are now available in the Back Bone Section of my Etsy shop. The special section reserved specifically for selling items I make to help the causes I believe in. Don't wear barrettes? Then clip it up in your home, car or anywhere! Show your support anyway you choose! Buy one for a friend who like Sophie lives an alternative lifestyle! Let's stop the hate that makes people scared to be themselves!

About The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and why your purchase can help:

"WEIRDO - MOSHER - FREAK, If only they'd stop at name calling" is something I have been wearing on a shirt I bought from the foundation for many years now. It is the motto of the foundation and a very strong one at that.

Following the horrific murder of Sophie Lancaster, her family wanted to ensure a lasting legacy to their beautiful, bright creative daughter and so The Sophie Lancaster FoundationThe Sophie Lancaster Foundation was established. It became a registered charity in 2009. The foundation aims to create a lasting legacy to Sophie by providing educational group-works that will challenge the prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures. Read more at www.sophielancasterfoundation.…

Stay Spooky & Supportive!
LDG Nicole

To see the other foundations I have supported with my artwork visit the Back Bone section of my portfolio website!

Don't forget to share and Re-Blog this post! Together we can make the change we want to see in this world! We can either sit back and complain or take steps to do something about it!
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With the 10 year anniversary of Sophie’s un-deserving death upon us, I have teamed up with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and will be making limited edition Dead Girl Decay Barrettes. For each one that sells I will donate 50% of the proceeds to the foundation. A foundation I have strongly believed in and supported for many years. Stay tuned! Read more: artworkbylivingdeadgirlnicole.…
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The Beetle House LA location officially opened this weekend. So if you live or visit the West Coast please make sure to stop in there and support them for featuring my work. Don’t forget to also take a photo of yourself with my piece on display to get a special discount code for my Etsy shop and to be featured on my site!


Read more: artworkbylivingdeadgirlnicole.…
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Logo t-shirts and tanks now available! artworkbylivingdeadgirlnicole.…
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