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Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Nançay in La Reine Margot. Trying out brushes in background.
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wow, another nice painting. again, the rough brushstrokes work perfectly, but I am a bit confused by the bright neck, compared to the rather dark tones on the face.
also, I feel like there's a little too much blank space on the blue jacket, perhaps a bit of embroidery or so would break this up a bit =)

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Yeah, I did a wash of digital watercolour on the face in an attempt to take away the white flecks peeking through everywhere ( I've since found a way to stop that) it made the face go alot darker. I then pasted the pencil sketch over the top rubbing out various bits - so that some of the watercoloured bits can be seen.

Ultimately, I'm not 100% happy with the final outcome, I saved at a stage before the watercolour that I like alot more...
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well, the thing is that I actually like the dark face colour. it gives him the look of a ship commander who's been out in the rough winds a lot, with the sun glaring down on him. but then the neck should be just as dark :lol:
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Yep, I think you have a point, ah well...
Talking of backgrounds, I'm not crazy on the one here. It too much and is fighting with the figure. I think the blue jacket is the one piece of calm... that's why I left it.
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good muse, good work :)
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awesome O.o
this is the first picture that I see from you, cause it snapped right in my eye when I was browsing devart. This picture and your skills are simply astonishing, all the shadow, the color tones and even your brush strokes are perfect. Amazing :)

Thanks for sharing this fine piece of art with all of us : x
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Thankyou, I'm just learning to use Painter. I'm having lots of fun.
Glad you liked :D
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"and i was in a candlelit bedroom..."

very nice
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Thanks :D

He's my muse at the moment...
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it's funny, i was listening to George Harrison | Breath Away From Heaven, and at the very moment i clicked on the photograph to view a larger version of it, i heard the above quote in the song. listen to this song if you haven't, the picture looks like it has a candle up on the wall.
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I just listened to Breath away from Heaven, not heard that one before. It's a lovely song.

I was going for the ghost of a candle with the runny watercolour brush... or something. :D
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very interesting. this piece reminds me of the hardy boys for some reason, don't ask why

but if you do, it's got to be the candle-lit room. one of their book covers has them holding a candle in a dim room, that's what came to mind at least. weird.

listen to the whole cloud nine album by george harrison. if you can't get it all, get fish on the sand next! : )
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