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Hi Everyone!

Since we will be leaving for our European tour in May, I decided not to put up the storenvy shop until after we come home.
I don't want to delay anyone's orders or having to shut down for 2 months, only 1 month after startup...

This means that I do take custom work orders (availability based on difficulty, price, and whether I am up to my eyeballs in practicing for the tour). :happybounce:

I look forward to going on tour and seeing half of Europe again, as well as our fans, and seeing everyone have a good time :D

Hope to see you at one (or more ;) ) of our shows! ^_^

~ Livia

P.S.: Here is a cake for you all :D

Delicious by LiviaZita
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Hi Guys! ^_^

I've been concentrating on making my tiny clay stuffs, such as the VERY popular tiny Quaggan in a bottle (I have 4 all done and baked, there will be 15 more made! They are half an inch tall Quaggan in an inch tall bottle), cinnamon buns, hot dogs and cake slices.
I even made a tiny french bread from some scrap clay :D

Anyway, I'm having huge fun creating these minute little things, and soon you'll be able to buy them in my storenvy shop. I'll write a brand new journal entry when I open the website, and include the link there :happybounce:

So many awesome things are happening ^_^

Awesomest of all was that my husband and I have celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on the 14th of February. :squee:

Keep an eye out for the next journal entry, so you don't miss out on some of limited clay items I make :)


~ Livia
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Hi Everyone!

So the time is here again, to do Winter Arts! ^_^

More specifically, I am entering a Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Workshop contest, found over at

I've entered these workshops before, even helped run one, and they are always so much fun. Not even speaking of the improvement one can gain in their arts by having their work critiqued by other artists in the workshop. The community spirit is thriving at this time of year, and what better to do than further one's art skills while having a great time with MMO friends?

I am looking forward to it, big time :D

While I used to do 3D art and digital drawing for these workshops, this year I am furthering my polymer clay techniques.

Yep, my project this year will see me crouching over my worktable, tiny ball of clay and a sewing needle in my hand, working away at teeny-tiny miniature models of Guild Wars 2 characters, depicting a very Wintersday scene :)

You can follow my progress right here on DeviantArt, in a separate gallery I made for this workshop:…

Cheers! ^_^

~ Livia
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Back to the Arts! :D

Sun Jul 29, 2012, 12:01 PM
Hey Everyone!

With a super successful Sweden Rock Festival and Hellfest behind us, I'm back behind my trusty laptop and doing artsy things. :happybounce:
(There's a LOT of totally awesome band related news coming soon, wohoo!!)

With Guild Wars 2 coming out on August 28th (25th for me, headstart FTW blblbl!), I'll be doing a lot of GW2 related arts, mainly drawings.

I'll be stopping all GW1 commissions, since most of my friends don't play it anymore, and I don't need any funds for the game either.

However! That means I'll be opening up shop for GW2 commissions! Yay!
Well, eventually :P Right now I'm learning more about digital drawing, and getting away from the smooth perfectness of 3D.

It's difficult, but it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

So without further ado, here is my first GW2 related piece, I present my evil male Sylvari Elementalist, *name withheld until game comes out and I can reserve it :P*

Sylvari by LiviaZita

I'll be uploading some more GW2 art very soon, so keep an eye on my GW 2 Fan Art folder. :happybounce:

Thanks for reading!

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Sweden Rock Festival and Hellfest

Tue May 29, 2012, 9:53 AM
Hi Everyone!

I will be pretty much unavailable for about a month, since (as some of you know), we'll be out and performing at Sweden Rock Festival on the 9th of June, and Hellfest on the 15th of June.
It's gonna be a great few weeks, if you wanna see the behind the scenes stuff I'll be recording and posting most every day, go to :)

Cheers! ^_^

~ Livia

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Wed Apr 4, 2012, 10:37 PM
In February, I submitted one of my pictures to Expose 10, into the portrait category. I've been sending my various arts in for 2 years now, but unfortunately got rejected each time.
No matter, I tried my best to get better and better.

Today, I got an email saying that my submitted picture got shortlisted for Expose 10!

I'm so happy!

I worked so much on my picture, and followed advices given by friends about my post-work... I put a lot of effort into it, and I loved the end result.
I am proud to show off my shortlisted picture here:

Inner Artist by LiviaZita

I know that this doesn't mean I get into the book. But simply being on the shortlist for the most prestigious art book on earth, is something I am very proud of.

Now excuse me while I do my happy dance again :happybounce:

Thanks for reading!

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What is the weirdest and creepiest thing about Hungarian folk songs?

Recently I have had the interesting time over Skype, of starting to reminisce about old Hungarian folk songs with my mom.
We looked up several songs' lyrics, and sang those we remembered. Let me insert here, that the little time delay between us (she's in Canada, I'm in Texas) over the headset made for some very interesting sounding songs at times.

After we sang the 3rd or 4th song, we realized something completely weird and fascinating:
All the songs we've sang so far were depressing as hell!
We went back on our list and re-read the lyrics, paying special attention to the moods, tunes, lyrics and their meanings.
We ended up searching for at least one single Hungarian folk song that didn't make you feel like life was a big pool of darkness, and after reading approximately 70-80 song lyrics, we found ONE.
How ecstatic.

Let me show you a few of these song lyrics, and maybe you will realize why Hungarians might seem depressed to the rest of the world…
No small wonder. After hundreds of years of singing such songs, it's bound to get to ya.

Here is the first song in Hungarian, and the translation under each verse in parentheses:

Házunk elõtt, kedves édesanyám
(In front of our house, my dear mother):

Házunk elõtt, kedves édesanyám, van egy magas eperfa.
Alá állok, kedves édesanyám, hogy ne ázzak alatta.
Csipkés annak a levele, sej, de jó szagú,
Egy legényért, kedves édes anyám, sose leszek szomorú.
(In front of our house, my dear mother, there is a tall berry tree
I stand under it, my dear mother, so I won't get soaked under it.
Lacey are the leaves, yeah, it smells so good
For a man, my dear mother, I will never be sad for.)

Not too bad right? Not exactly happy, but I see no problem.
Oh wait, there is a second verse, let's see that one.

Házunk elõtt, kedves édesanyám, folyik el a halastó,
Azon úszik, kedves édesanyám egy fekete koporsó.
Néha-néha kilátszik a csipkés szemfedél,
Rá van írva, kedves édesanyám, de hiába neveltél!
(In front of our house, my dear mother, flows the fish-lake
On it swims, my dear mother, a black coffin.
Now and then, the lacy pall shows [pall is the item they put over the dead person's eyes]
On it is written, my dear mother, you raised me for nothing!)

"What on god's damn earth is wrong with you?" – you might think. Well, that's what I thought, after I laughed my butt off.
But it can't be all that bad, can it? Let's look at another one real quick.

Este van már, késõ este
(It's night time, late night)

Este van már, késõ este,
Pásztortüzek égnek messze.
Messze, messze, más határon,
Az alföldi rónaságon.
(It's night time, late night,
Shepherd's fires are burning far away.
Far, far away on another land,
On the lowland plains)

Ok, so no problems here either…
Ooh lookie, another second verse….

A faluban minden csendes,
Még az éjmadár sem repdes,
Nyugodalom lakik benne,
Mintha temetokert lenne.
(Everything is quiet in the village
Not even the night bird flies
Stillness lives in it
As if it's a graveyard.

See the trend? They lull you into a sense of false security with the first verse, then BAM drop the weights into the abyss and you realize it too late that you're going with it.

So as we were searching through song after song, we realized there is a common theme:
In the songs they either lose somebody, somebody loses them, something happens that prevents two lovers from being together, marriage sucks, had to enlist as a soldier, someone killed them, or they killed themselves.
Here is another one of my favorite sneaky ones…

Által mennék én a Tiszán ladikon, ladikon, de ladikon.
Ott lakik a, ott lakik a galambom, ott lakik a galambom,
Ott lakik a városban, a harmadik utcában,
Piros rózsa, kék nefelejcs, ibolya virít az ablakában.
(I'd go across the River Tisza, on a barge, on a barge, barge.
There lives, there lives my little dove, there lives my dove,
There she lives in the town, on the third street
Red roses, blue forget-me-not's, violets are in her window.)

Trallala, cute little song, isn't it.
*sigh* Another 2nd verse… Wanna read it? Take a deep breath before you do.

Által mennék én a Tiszán, nem merek, nem merek, de nem merek.
Attól félek, hogy a Tiszába esek, hogy a Tiszába esek.
Lovam hátán, seje haj, félrefordul a nyereg;
A Tiszának habjai közt elveszek, a babámé nem leszek.
(I'd go across the River Tisza, but I don't dare to, don't dare, don't dare.
I'm scared that I'd fall into the Tisza, that I'd fall in.
On the back of my horse, the saddle slides to the side;
I get lost amidst the froths of the river, I won't be my babe's anymore.)

Don't ask me why he tried to cross that river on a horseback rather than a barge when he was scared of it anyways...

So yes… From your girlfriend falling off her horse and breaking her arms, thus her inability to hug you  (apparently that means that you can't be with each other, go figure) to young men being locked into a soldier's camp (from which there are no escape and so they can't see their mothers ever again), there is just no end to the suffering.

Now that we're at it, even Hungarian tales end on a downer note.
You know how in English the last words of a tale are "and they lived happily ever after"?
Hungarians found it necessary to add a little extra to it "and they lived happily ever after, until they died".
Good night my baby, don't have nightmares now, you hear?

Despite all this, little kids don't give a hoot about it all. They sing the songs for the tunes, and they listen to the stories for their content and meaning. It's natural for them to hear "until they died" at the end of each story. That's the way it is.

Oh and the one single song we found to be happy, you ask?
Here it goes (and don't blame me if it makes no sense to you, it seems Hungarians are not keen on using their wonderful language's possibilities when it comes to something happy):

Virágéknál ég a világ,
Sütik már a rántott békát.
Zimmezum, zimmezum,
Recefice bum-bum-bum.
(The light is shining at Virag's,
They're frying the breaded frog.
Trallalallalaa, etc etc.)

Bíró Marcsa odakapott,
Békacombot ropogtatott.
Zimmezum, zimmezum,
Recefice bum-bum-bum.
(Martha Biro grabbed one,
Was crunching on a frog's thigh.
Tarllalallalaa, etc etc.)

Puskás Gábor késõn futott,
Neki csak a füle jutott.
Zimmezum, zimmezum,
Recefice bum-bum-bum.
(Gabor Puskas was running late,
He only got the ear of it.
Trallalallalaa, etc etc.)

It's a very upbeat and happy little song, a favorite in kindergardens.
Although the prospect of crunching on a frog's thigh is a bit disturbing, it's a regular sunshine compared to the other choices in the bunch.

Now go eat a big box of chocolates, and feel better!
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I wanted to write a separate journal entry, thanking =theshaggyfreak for surprising me with a year long premium membership!
Wow, thanks so much!
I did not expect something like this!

I really appreciate it :)

Hopefully I will have a little more time to update my gallery with new pics.

Thank you again! ^_^ :eager: :clap:
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To everyone who voted for me in the bumper sticker contest, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^_^

I won 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th place :)

With the winnings, I got myself a 4'11" contact staff, once the weather gets tolerable I shall practice like crazy! :D
(Who goes outside to work out in 105 degrees? >_<)
I can't wait :)
Hopefully I'll be able to take some cool pics when I learned a few spins. ^_^

Thanks again so much!!

~ Livia
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Hi Everyone,

I need your help in winning a contest!

It will take you about 30 seconds, no registration necessary!

Recently I entered into a contest where we were supposed to design bumper stickers for Performance Arts.
I myself do a lot of performance arts related play, learning poi, flow wand, contact staff and contact juggling.

The prize I could win is $300 towards my shopping account on the website. They sell all these props.

$300 dollars is a lot, I could finally buy my first proper contact staff! ^_^

All you need to do is go to the site, and press "Vote"!

You can vote on all six pictures, but you can only vote once per pic.

I would like you to vote on the ones uploaded by [b]"Brigitta"[/b] and [b]"LivSpin"[/b]. There are 3 pictures each.

Here is the page with all the entries:…

Here are the individual links to each picture:







Thank you SO much everyone in advance! Please get your friends to vote too :) It only takes a sec :D

Thank you again!

~ Livia
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I finally decided to download the trial version of ZBrush and watch a ton of tutorials beforehand, so I'll know where to start.

Still trying to understand how ZSpheres work, and the whole sketching thing.
I do wish that there were some tutorials on the net for total beginners, where the tutor actually tells/shows you where to find that tool instead of just saying "and now switch to it".

The 3D sphere does NOT want to convert to a polymesh, no matter how many times I press that button! >_<
NO, I CANNOT sculpt on it! D:

After a series of demonstrations on how to *headdesk*, I try again.

And again.

Also, why do people tell me that I cannot use ZBrush without knowing how to use Maya? Have you SEEN what ZBrush can do? No, I DO NOT want to rig stuff yet! I just want to model it, and texture it, bring it over to DAZ Studio and do a render (if even that much).

Anyways... I'm learning ZBrush, and that's that. :D Nothing you learn is useless, and I happen to think that ZBrush is amazing and I want to make the best use of it, no matter what others might say. :)
I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, may this new year bring health, happiness, and everything you wish for.

I can't wait for 2010 to be over, 2011 is more than welcome already.

Let's hope for the best year yet! ^_^

Cheers and a Happy New Year,

Tagged by: :iconartofrivana:

Post these rules.
-Post eight facts about your character.
-Tag eight other characters. -
-Post their names with the creators' avatars.

I tag all of you! Send me a link (via comment in this journal) once you made yours. I'd love to read them!

1.) Minami was born in Tyria, but she can summon minions from all areas of the world

2.) She longs to change her hairstyle

3.) She loves to have her picture drawn

4.) Her personality might seem cold to some, but she doesn't care

5.) She has a crush on Razah

6.) She likes to read, anything horror or mystical

7.) She has an artistic side, but only lets her pictures to be seen by the very few and closest friends she has

8.) She is very attached to her minipets and takes good care of them
Hi Everyone,

Just a little heads up to those who are wanting a commission...

I am super busy right now to try and finish my piece for the Guild Wars Halloween 2010 art contest (OMG deadline is almost here! >_<), then I'll be busy making a costume and doing photo shoots, then I'll be jumping into the Halloween Wintersday art contest (hopefully... depends on some factors and how the Halloween one goes... ).
This means that chances are, I won't get to your piece till next year.
You're still more than welcome to put in your request, but I won't get to it for a while.

Cheers! :)
Hi Everyone,

I am currently open for commissions.

I usually use 3D models from DAZ 3D and Renderosity to make my pictures. If you request a 3D only commission, please note that I will NOT modify the 3D models of the clothes/armor. If you have a specific 3D model in mind (for armor, clothes, hair, character, weapons, whatever), please link me to it. You will be charged for the models I have to buy specifically for your picture. You will NOT be charged for it if I already have that model.
I will NOT make 3D models (posable [rigged] or unposable [prop]) for you to use in your own 3D renders.

I can also mix 3D and digital drawing for your commission. For examples of that, please see my pieces in the "3D and Digital Drawing Mix", or the "Works in Progress" categories in my gallery.

I mostly like to make Guild Wars related pictures, however, I might be open to other games as well.
I like to make portraits, half figure poses, etc. I concentrate on realism.
I'm not a huge fan of making full body pictures. You'd have to bribe me for me to do that. ^_^

Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the requested picture. We can talk about that once we established what you'd like to have done.

What I'll need:

Screenshots of your character, front, left, right and back.

If you want a specific weapon or accessory included, screenshots of that as well (if your requested weapon or accessory is dyed, I prefer a screenshot depicting it that way).

Screenshots of the armor you want, front, left, right and back. Also, please specify the armor type by name and color (in case I need to look more versions up).

I'd appreciate a short description of your character's personality.

Let me know if you want your character in a specific setting, pose, etc.

Please let me know if you want the picture in a specific resolution (for instance, if you want to use it as your desktop background, give me your monitor's resolution).

I will show you a watermarked, scaled down version of your picture after I sketch it out. At that point, you can still request any changes. Once I start to color (or texture), the picture will be final.

Copyrights of the picture will belong to me. After payment, you may use the picture on your website (with credit to me), DeviantArt (please link my account and credit), desktop background, and prints (only for yourself).

Last but not least: Please, PLEASE, be PATIENT! I don't sit on the computer 10 hours a day working on a picture. I might get bored of working on a complex picture, and put it on hold for a little while. I might finish it in a few days. Who knows. :D Call it artist's ADD. :D

Oh one more thing... I reserve the right to refuse making any picture. I will not make a picture depicting lots of gore (a few drops of blood is acceptable, or a skull here and there :)), violence, child abuse, animal abuse, sexual acts, or sexual fetish.
I also reserve the right to make any changes to this journal entry as I see fit.

Thank you for reading :)


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my page.

Here are my quick and simple rules in regards to my artwork:

1.) If you want to buy the rights to any of my artwork, please contact me. Unauthorized use on websites and  prints of any kind is forbidden.

2.) Some of my art has been done in high enough resolution for print, some was just made for fun. Please inquire if you need.

3.) I am usually available for commissioned work, however, I mostly use 3D models from DAZ 3D (in some cases from Renderosity) and will not modify models to fit your needs. I can change the textures on models if needed, but I prefer not to.
If you have something specific in mind, please contact me and preferably include links to models in the or store. You will be charged for the items I have to buy to complete your picture.
Prices will differ depending on how much time I spend on a picture, how detailed it is, and whether you're buying only a copy of it or all the usage rights.

4.) I reserve the right to refuse creating any picture.

5.) I will probably not consider making any picture depicting gore. I refuse to make any picture depicting brutal violence, abuse, rape, child abuse, and sexual acts.

6.) I reserve the right to make changes to my rules at any time.

That's about it, thanks for reading. :)

Enjoy browsing!