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Green Knight speedpaint

Quick speedpaint. Not being picky about things, just kinda making note of an image sequence/keyframe thing in my head.

I've had to hold back on almost all of my personal work due to my crappy arm trying to fall off 'cause I got super excited about working on my first videogame and way overdid it last summer.
Fortunatley, PopCap's awesome and I'll be getting fixed up- but still. All you kids listen up, if your (hand/arm/neck) starts (to hurt/goes numb/ convulses uncontrollably), take a goddamn break! I know how it feels to want to push on because you aren't good enough yet, but that is a problem that can wait a few days. Otherwise you'll either wreck your future career or be a candidate for multiple surgeries like me with massive massive art boner blue balls >:E say that three times fast >;D
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looks great ¡