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Scratch Art~The Cycle by LadyVsArtAndStock
Vintage Nature Writing Paper Pack  by LadyVsArtAndStock
Amarath by LadyVsArtAndStock
The Dark Movement by LadyVsArtAndStock
Digital Art
Underground Clash 2 is released. by Drawing-4Ever
Kiss by hotrod2001
Brad and Jenny Carbunkle Walking Up the Aisle by nintendomaximus
The Kid Chorus' Kissing Couples by nintendomaximus
Lost In Space by MarquisAmon
Garlas Ture Gathering: Orc Midwives, Cook, Guards by FemaleBosmerAlways
DEJ22 - Perfect by Cranash64
DEJ21 - Carry by Cranash64
Traditional Art
LdM- Die Reise der jungen Magier ch.2  p.18 by UchihaSama224
LdM- Die Reise der jungen Magier ch.2  p.17 by UchihaSama224
Meeting a Human | Gift #10 by mdsd95
Edwin Habilton Reference | Rough #16 (Colors) by mdsd95
Body Art
Emperor Nechronos (Upgraded 5.0) without cape (OD) by venjix5
Malachor, the Dark Lord (RD 3) arms 4F and mouth by venjix5
Malachor, the Dark Lord (RD 3) arms 4 fingers by venjix5
Malachor, the Dark Lord (redesign 3) with mouth by venjix5
Children's House II by Spiritofdarkness
I Still Hear You Singing In My Mind by AdaEtahCinatas
Please Remain Calm,The End Has Arrived by AdaEtahCinatas
Who Cares Who Sees Anything by AdaEtahCinatas
Artisan Crafts
Pacific Sea Dragon (digital redraw) by CherokeeGal1975
Missy Portrait by CherokeeGal1975
Jacksepticeye Logo by CherokeeGal1975
Redwing Blackbirds by CherokeeGal1975
Food And Drink
Goths Of All Spectrum by HaraaJubilee
HH: Harmony In Heaven and Hell by HaraaJubilee
MP100: Don't Give Me That Attitude by HaraaJubilee
Fiery Yet Serene by HaraaJubilee
Fan Art
Trixie's Magical Hat - Mirko by Jose-Ramiro
Walt Disney Deviants by Jose-Ramiro
Sumo Sakuras - 2 by Jose-Ramiro
Spy-ce and Love by Jose-Ramiro
Fractal Art
Synaptic Gallery by janhein
Square Castle Yy03 by blenqui
March of the Critters by janhein
Silicon-based Life Forms by janhein
T for 2 by Yesterdays-Paper
Seurasaari bridge by Pajunen
Super Louds: Revenge of Lincoln and Clyde Part 1[Scene begins in the farm, where Liam is looking for his needle] Liam: Needle? Where are you, needle? [found a needle] There you are, you little needle! You thought I couldn't find ya in the haystack, did ya now? [Suddenly, something crashed in farm and Liam falls down] HOLY HOG SPIT! Aw, dagnabbit! I lost my needle again. [Liam sees it was a rocket that crashed the farm] What in the name of mama's whiskers? [he hears coughing sounds in the rocket. Liam grabs a pipe.] Alright, who ever's in here, best come out with your hands held high. [the rocket door bust down and guys come out of the rocket, it was Lincoln and Clyde and their appearances looked deformed. Lincoln's skin is blue with green hair and a big foot and Clyde is a slime monster] Clyde: (distorted voice) What planet is this?

Liam: What? What you say?


Liam: This is Earth! And you, aliens better stay back unless you wanna get hit on the head with this. [Lincoln snatches Liam's pipe] Hey, that is mine!

Clyde: Not anymore.

Liam: Wait... Lincoln? Clyde? Is that you?!

Lincoln: (unhappy) Yes, it's us, Liam.

Liam: What in tarnation happened to you guys?!

Lincoln: It's a long story. (to the viewers) And you're probably wondering how did me and Clyde got into space in the first place. Well, let's go back a week later.

[Flashback scene, shows Lincoln and Clyde as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed with the Full Deck are at a yard looking for Wild Card Willy]

Lincoln: Jack, you see anything?

Clyde: No, nothing. You sure Wild Card Willy ran this way, Card Counter?

Lisa: Yes, my calculations are not wrong.

Luna: Hey, look, dudes. Footprints. [they see footprints that leads to a shed] Leading up to that shed.

Lola: Do you think Wild Card Wily is hiding in there?

Lincoln: Yeah, probably.

Lynn: Alright, let's get him!

Lincoln: Wait, wait, Strong Suit, let me and Jack handle this.

Luan: Are you sure, Ace? You don't want us to help you?

Lincoln: Don't worry, Joker. Wild Card Wily is trapped in that shed alone, and we'll take him down ourselves for one minute.

Lori: Alright, if you say so.

Lincoln: Come on, Jack. Let's get him!

Clyde: Right behind you, Ace!

[Lincoln and Clyde charges at the shed. The shed tore down revealing a rocket and Lincoln and Clyde are trapped in there.]

Leni: Well that's weird.

Clyde: HEY!

Lincoln: What happened?!

Lynn: We don't know!

Lisa: You seem to be in a rocket.

Lori: But don't worry, guys, we'll get you out of here!

Computer: Activate main engine. [The engines are activating] Prepare for launch.

Luan: Uh-oh...

Computer: Ignition. [the engines are boosting] Goodbye.

[The rocket launch. Lincoln and Clyde screaming. The Full Deck watches as the rocket flew to space.]

Lucy: Didn't see that coming.

[Wild Card Wily comes out in the bush]

Wild Card Wily: Ha! Goodbye, Full House Gang! Enjoy being in outer space! For the rest of your... [he sees the Full Deck still here] ...lives.

Lori: You tried to trick us.

Lynn: You tried to shoot us into space.

Wild Card Wily: No... No I didn't

Lola: You did to!

Lana: We just saw the rocket!

Luan: It just flew away!

Wild Card Wily: Yeah, so? What do you gonna do about it?

[Lynn punches Wild Card Wily knocking him out. Lana picks up a coffee shake and throw it on Wild Card Wily. The Full Deck watches the rocket flew to space.]

Luan: This is bad...

Leni: Like, should help them?

Lynn: Nah, they'll be fine.

Lori: Yeah, Leni. They'll come back. Probably.

[Flashback ends, in the present time]

Lincoln: And I bet you're wondering why Clyde is all slimy and talks weird.

Clyde: Ugh!

Liam: Yeesh...

Lincoln: And my skin is blue, my hair is green, and my right foot is enormous like a Sasquatch!

Liam: How did this happen?

Lincoln: I'm glad you asked. The reason we look this way, its cuz when we're up in space, our rocket passed through a radiation storm! [Clyde moans. Lincoln rubs Clyde's head] Shh, shh, okay. It's... It's okay, Clyde. We're alive, even though we're mutants.

And sense my sisters didn't even try to rescue us when we're up in space, now it's time for [with Clyde] revenge!

So that's where we going now, to get revenge on the Full Deck!

Clyde: Revenge!

Liam: Hey, you're not leaving with my pipe!

[grabs the pipe from Lincoln's arm but get shocked. Liam is screaming and falls down]

Lincoln: Oh, I forgot to tell ya, the radiation storm up in space, it cause my body to become electrified. See? [Lincoln zaps Clyde. Clyde screaming. Lincoln stops zapping him] Oh! Sorry, Clyde! I thought you were electricproof. [Clyde sighs] And now, I'm done with the pipe. [Lincoln drops the pipe]

Clyde: REVENGE! [Clyde ran to the door]

Lincoln: [follows Clyde] REVENGE! REVENGE! [Lincoln and Clyde left]

[Liam sighs and lies his head down]

Liam: Ow! (gasp) I found my needle!...
Charmer by Lycaenyx
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Infested Penny Fitzgerald (Digital) by JayZeeTee16
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Buena Girl's muscle growth by Dorothy64116

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