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TG TF: Lola Bunny and Penelope Pussycat,I went to France for another holiday. I had another duplicate of my device that could take anyone to almost anywhere, anytime, in any world they wanted as long is it wouldn't disrupt the space time continuum and they could always come back to reality making it seem as if they never left. I wondered if I could find anyone that would help spread it round Europe. I managed to notice something advertising Space Jam: A New Legacy. Then I heard a voice. "I wish I could be Lola Bunny" was what I heard. Someone else that spoke English was in France. I tried to find out who said it. "Who wanted to become Lola Bunny?" I asked. "I know ways of turning into characters." A brown haired twenty year old guy with green eyes and brow air wearing a sweet-shirt, jeans and wearing Nicks walked up to me. "I wanted to be Lola" he said. Then I showed him the device I brought with me and I explained how I found the original, how it worked, where Ryan and I went with it, and who we changed into. I even told the other man how Ryan got the device duplicated and reprogramed. Then I explained about a website I came across and how it worked. I said about showing the site to Ryan and that he changed into Bolt and I changed into Penny Forrester. I even said that an American named Al found that site and used it to turn into Peg Pete from Goof Troop and that after he met me we used the site together. We went to the world of Frozen and Al turned into Anna and I turned into Elsa. "Could you show me the site?" asked the other man. "Sure I can" I said. "I think I'll join you and change into Penelope Pussycat. What's your name?" The other man answered "Paul" and I guessed he wanted to know my name. "And I'm Sam" I said.So Paul took me home with him, we got up the site, got the settings on the site for 2 people to use it, and searched up Space Jam: A New Legacy. Because the movie hadn't yet aired we couldn't choose a time to start from. Us being in that world could give ideas for the movie. Paul selected Lola, I selected Penny, and the world around us disappeared and soon we were left in darkness. Then we began to change.Our clothes disappeared and Paul's feet got Longer and thinner and mine shrank in all 3 dimensions. Our feet ended up being 3 toed with the middle longer than the other 2 and they became more paw like and padded underneath. Paul's toes and under feet grew creamy fur and the rest of feet orangey fur and his nails got more pointy and claw like and my feet grew all black fur and I seemed to lose my toenails. The orange fur grew up Paul's legs as they thinned out and lost muscle. While my legs were growing fur they got really short and my shins thinned out and lost muscle. As the fur got to our waists our hips widened and and our pennies and tests shrank inside of us and tight vaginas replaced them and we also grew bushy tails. Paul's was short and white and mine was long, large, and black. The creamy fur was growing from the bottom of Paul's belly up to his neck and the orange fur over the rest of his torso. While white fur was growing on my very front and black on my back and sides. Paul seemed to lose some fat and his stomach thinned into a sexy core so he had an hourglass figure. We grew 2 breasts each and our nipples grew longer and harder. Our shoulders cracked inwards and our arms shortened and thinned out as they grew fur. Our hands shrank and became very feminine and went from 4 fingers and a thumb to 3 fingers and a thumb and my hands became more like paws and my palms were padded and Paul's nails got more pointy and claw like but I seemed to lose my fingernails. Our necks thinned out as they got the lighter fur at the front and the rest of our necks grew the darker fur and our Adam's Apples disappeared. The sides of our face stretched out as we felt some fur and more skin widen the width of our heads. Our mouths, which were now covered in the lighter fur, became wider as well as it moulded themselves into slight muzzles. Paul's two front teeth erupt out, enlarging and melding as a buck tooth and I could tell from the aching of my teeth that they were changing as well, becoming sharper and pointy. My tongue was getting rough and thin. Our noses shrank and Paul's turned light amaranth and triangular and mine turned black. I also grew 4 whiskers. As the darker fur grew up our heads our eyes enlarge greatly and oval-shaped with Paul's irises changing from green to light blue green and mine from Hazel to black. Three eyelashes elongating from each eye and our eyebrows thinning out, Paul's turned black and mine turned white, and an additional dose of pink eyeshadow on Paul's lids. Paul got an itchy sensation on his ears, and the next thing he knew, they're becoming very long and floppy and the orange fur grew on their outsides and their insides turned pink and they moved to the very top of his head. While my ears pointed upwards in a triangular way, enhancing my hearing and their insides even turned light pink. The Hair on Paul's head went from Brown to very pale yellow and morphing into a new hairstyle and mine turned like the black fur. Finally we were dressed. We won Tune Squad basketball clothing and Paul won some white gloves and his ears got tied together like a ponytail in a neon blue band.Then lights turned up and we saw other Looney Tunes characters in Tune Squad basketball clothing. Bugs Bunny walked up to us. "Well done Docs for choosing Lola Bunny and Penelope Pussycat" said Bugs. He eyed Paul. "Who are you really" asked Bugs. "I'm Paul" said Paul. He sounded more like a girl. Then I smelt something and turned to see Pepe Le Pew. Then he wrapped his arms around me. "Who are you really?" he asked. "I'm Sam" I said. I also sounded more feminine. Yosemite Sam had heard me. "How are we suppose to tell you apart from me?" he asked. "By knowing our full names" I said. "You're Yosemite Sam. You're full name is Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum." And I said what my full name was. "Samantha is a girl's name that shares shortened forms with Samuel" I added. Paul said what his full name was "Can Penelope be shortened?" asked Pepe. He kissed me a few times before I answered. "Yes shortened forms include Penny" I said. "Then I guess we can call you Penny when on Camera" said Pepe. He kissed me a few more times. "I thought you weren't gonna be in the movie" I said struggling to get away from Pepe. I managed to get out of his grasp and backed away. "So can we give ideas for the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy?" asked Paul. "I guessed that's what you were here for Doc" said Bugs. "We may need to be trained to play basketball" I said. "I'm sure we can get you 2 into training" said Sylvester. "You know Sylvester?" I asked. "Although Pepe Le Pew is better looking I like you better." Sylvester looked shocked. "Sufferin' succotash!" he said. "Is it because he stinks and I don't?" I nodded. "Indeed I can't stand his smell" I said. "S-s-so when are w-w-we gonna start t-t-training?" asked Porky Pig. "Might now be a good time?" asked Daffy Duck. "I guess so" said Bugs.So we moved out to a basketball court, we made plans for training, and began.
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