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Traditional Sketch
-Please do NOT keep asking when it is done. There is a reason I don't do requests. I try to get things worked on & done when I'm able to as it takes me a while.
Do not ask for a preview
-Nothing sexual, the closest to sexual clothing is being wrapped in a towel or mostly covered(as in upper body is viable in the water is female) or a bikini/swimsuit & under garments which will be slightly edited is needed(like those bikini tops with small triangle pieces covering them will be larger/normal sized & I don't draw thongs/G strings)
-I need a reference for the sketch(Pic refs only description ref might be done wrong)
-I don't do sketch dumps, I also can only do a limited amount of people per pic
Friends Colored drawing
For friends that want to commission me but need affordable prices

I'm only doing this in traditional due to some issues

-Please don't ask when I'm done, I take a while.(It's fine to check up sometimes but don't do it a lot like every other day or something)
-Do not ask for a preview
-No real people with out their permission
-Nothing sexual
-I need a reference for the drawing(Pic refs only, description ref might be done wrong)
-You need to ask for shading other wise it's flat. Might do the eyes though.
-Not always going to have a background.
-May take a while but while get completed.
-Do not turn this into a sketch dump
Friend Sketches/Lineart
For friends that want to commission but need cheap prices

-Don't ask when it's done I take a while especially for digital sketches
-Do not ask for a preview
-Nothing sexual
-I need a reference for the sketch(Pic refs only description ref might be done wrong)
-Digital sketches are always in blue
-Tell me if it's going to be lineart or a sketch
-Tell me if you want a digital or traditional sketch, it'd for the best if you ask for this to be traditional but I can make it digital
-Don't turn this into a sketch dump

Paypal Commissions


Current ones open at the moment:
DreamKeepers and some Minecraft adopts by LiveWireGoth 5/8 Open
Raychild Adoptable 1[Open] Paypal only by LiveWireGoth 1/1 Open -SHOT- Also this one is paypal only
Cow Kemonomimi Auction(Open) by LiveWireGoth 1/1 Paypal auction

Physical Items for sale

Here's stuff for sale, please give reasonable prices & you also have to pay shipping

Mini Dal doll for sale by LiveWireGoth



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Please scroll down to the thing that says "PLEASE READ" before going to the commissions section

Icon by :iconsariasong64:
ID by me but Portal cake found on Google

Please read the journal entry below & comment there if you have a request or comission or want to do an art trade.

Requests - FRIENDS ONLY by PrinceProcrastinate Art Trades - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinate Collabs - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinate Point Comm - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinate
Journals about commissions will be here later when I fix them

Mythbusters, Adam Savage Quote by orian-stamps Screw You, I Like It by serpentstones Yaoi Stamp by Bextron5000
Portal Cake Stamp by Stollrofl

Hello I'm Illusion(Or Miles depending on who you are) but I usually go by Izzy.

I like drawing, watching shows & listening to music. I really like roleplay so don't be worried if you ask. Most of the time I draw on paper but I don't usually scan it -yeah I'm lazy- but I get around to it.

If I don't use a journal skin(So using default/non-core member journal skin), it's a serious journal post.

If you are going to get a commission from me PLEASE look at the commission list below "Newest Deviations".(And above this)

-Pay threw donations(which have been taken down)
-Pay threw giving a gift

Going threw the commission section helps as it'll convert into money I can put in PayPal, I'm not interested in the points. If you do plan to donate do it threw paypal or threw my Ko-Fi/Buy me a coffee link(it's up in my bio but I'll link it here too)

PayPal Donation
Buy Me a Coffee

JoshXMattFoxes73, I know I blocked you but if you some how get past that stay the FUCK away from me
So my cat Parvis/Parcel was taken to the vet yesterday, she was put down today due to complications with surgery for getting fixed. She had also lost a lot of weight in the recent months, hardly ate & barely even at the treats(for context we give canned cat food as treats, she'd eat all of it out of the little bowls for her & the kitten), she also didn't want to go outside anymore when before she loved going outside & out of all 3 cats(Lucy, the kitten & herself) she went out the most while Lucy did sometimes but was more picky about it than her. All in all she was acting different, mom thinks she might have had an illness like leukemia(or something like that) & we didn't know. Parcel was always a small & thin cat but not to the point that I could feel her spine & pelvis bones if I pet her, it scared me that this happened.

Parcel was a nice cat, very friendly as she liked following people around to get attention to the point she kept making us run into her because cats some how teleport.(She wasn't hurt badly, just a little startled then went back to rubbing against everyone) She was quiet due to barely having a meow, when she meowed her mouth would open & then nothing happened, rarely would she make a raspy tiny meow that was barely a whisper but despite this she purred loudly. She also liked to sleep on the bed with me like Simmie use to though at some point during her out of character moments she started sleeping on the table & mostly on the couch. I feel like she knew she was dying as she hid in my brother's room(where she never stayed in unless we closed her in there which only happened once) but I'm not sure.

Parcel died today(February 21, 2019), we adopted her as a stray that was losing her whiskers on one side, thin & fur missing around her mouth(which was how she got called Lips for a while) but managed to find a home here with my mom, brother & I. She got better & while she was still thin it was not life threatening & she ate a lot, while my mom didn't like her that much due to a bad first start(Parcel had bathroom accidents everywhere when we took her in) she didn't want her harmed & wanted to try to warm up to her eventually. Parcel was buried along with her kittens(she had some that didn't make it) near where Simmie's ashes were buried, she'll be missed & I just wish things went better.

I can at least rest knowing she was able to live peacefully which she still could before today & that she was able to last this long.
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