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OFAaWC Intermission


OFAaWC Intermission

Summary: Jack may be friends with wind currents but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have some actual power of over it. When Jack goes missing for most a year, the other guardians get worried. Around the 8th month, Aster finds him & learns he also brought back a shocking surprise. Warning: -A little Toothless x Hiccup -Implied anthro more human like form -OOCness(?) -No beta readers to help -Possible gammer & typing errors -Might not be good due to having trouble typing this story -Questionable content Notes at the end. Also borders will have quotes. Try guessing them.XD Sorry for taking so long, writer's block isn't helping when every chapter is kind of "type it up as you go". Also, Thanks Turkey still needs a better name if any one is interested in helping the please message me. I've mentioned this before but I don't really have a name for her. Any help would be appreciated, if anyone wonders who she is, Thanks(someone asked me to stop calling her Turkey) is suppose to be the

OFAaWC Chapter 5(Unfinished)


OFAaWC Chapter 5(Unfinished)

Summary: Jack may be friends with wind currents but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have some actual power of over it. When Jack goes missing for most a year, the other guardians get worried. Around the 8th month, Aster finds him & learns he also brought back a shocking surprise. Warning: -I have no idea what warnings to put here so remember it's questionable -Possible body horror -Possible gammer, redundancy & typing errors -Sometimes using names for symbolism(Which is likely not done well & will seem like nonsense I am sorry) -Possible hinted spoilers(mostly from books) -OOCness -Questionable content Notes at the end. Also borders will have quotes. Try guessing them. This is the last unfinished chapter I made before some time later I started working on the remake for this story. Don't be surprised if I use parts of this for the remake, at best like only 2 or so early chapters need completely rewritten. I hope everyone enjoys what I left behind. Not sure when we'll met the person

OFAaWC Chapter 4(Unfinished)


OFAaWC Chapter 4(Unfinished)

Summary: Jack may be friends with wind currents but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have some actual power over it. When Jack goes missing for over a year, the other guardians get worried. A month later Aster finds him & brings him to North's he also brought back a shocking surprise. Warning: -Spirits that don't go by their human name's name will get thrown around(like one moment I say their spirit name the next their human name) -Spoilers from the book series -Possible run on sentences & spelling/grammar errors -The text possibly sounding lost(because of writer's block) -Cruddy suspense fail(?) -OOCness -Mpreg -Implied assault(I'm sorry this was part of the story) -Questionable content Notes at the end. Also borders will have quotes. Try guessing them.XD This was partly made long before the intermission, this was going to be put in with the chapter that was going to be an apology for the intermission/being late. Since I'm going to be rewriting this fanfic & take a shit ton of
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Please scroll please read the "commission & stuff" box below before getting a commission

ID by me but Portal cake found on Google

Hello I'm Maia but go by Miles, I have some other names but they're dead to me. You can also call me Izzy but I don't use that nickname much anymore.(Mostly because I just don't use it as much)

I like drawing, watching shows(mostly anime though watch some cartoons & live actions shows), playing videogames & listening to music. Most of the time I draw on paper that I use my iPad to take pics of but sometimes I do digital art.

JoshXMattFoxes73, I know I blocked you but if you some how get past that stay the FUCK away from me

Favourite Movies
City of Ember, 1995 animated Wind in the Willows, Treasure Planet, Cabin in the Woods
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Houseki, Higurashi, Binchō-tan, Ed Edd n Eddy, Whose Line is it Anyway, original Ben 10/Ben 10 Alien Force, some others
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Of Monsters and Men, Panic at the Disco, Mayhem from Lapfox, DA Games
Favourite Books
City of Ember, House of Leaves
Favourite Games
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, Stardew Valley, Yume Nikki, Animal Crossing New Horizons
Favourite Gaming Platform
I play mostly on the Switch & PC but very rarely now-a-days Wii & 3DS
Other Interests
Roleplay, reading, thinking up plots, gaming, drawing & listening to music

Commissions & stuff

Under the mustache images please read the "PLEASE DO NOT" as in the past it was annoying to deal with when it still happened

Art Trades - OPEN
Collabs - OPEN
Commissions - OPEN


-Repeatedly ask me if it's done(like weekly or even daily messages asking me how far I am & if it's done to the point of being annoying), this is why I don't do requests for people that aren't friends. I will update you on progress when I can so stop.

-Try to be my friend for free art

-Pay threw donations(which have been taken down because of this)

-Pay threw giving a gift(pretty sure I've told people to check the commission section before it got it's own page & if you took a sec to check the page before Eclipse you could clearly find the commission page on profile page)

Going threw the commission section helps as it'll convert into money I can put in PayPal, I'm not interested in the points. If you do plan to donate do it through paypal or through my Ko-Fi/Buy me a coffee link(it's up in my bio but I'll link it here too)

PayPal Donation Buy Me a Coffee

Below is a list of things I'm ok with drawing in art trades/art collaborations/commissions. Some things may vary & you might need to private message me to see what I'm ok with as some of the listed might have stuff I'm not interested in/ok with drawing. Please know that I have the right to reject the idea & will refund if needed.(After talking out what you want I need you to pay before I start)

Certain things(like the real people thing or certain characters I don't want to draw because I'm not interested) might be the exception if a friend asks me. Please for the love of fuck do not ask me to be your friend so you can get free art.

Sometimes I'll do requests if you're not a friend but most of the time I'll say no. If you use to be considered a friend & ask for a request I'm going to tell you no but might do a birthday gift.

Things I will draw:

-Pregnancy(especially mpreg)

-Pregnancy expansion

-OC/OC(if one OC belongs to someone else you will need their permission)


-Draw a person/animal in my art style

-Furries(if you ask for babyfur please know I will only do it in the sense that the character is an actual baby/toddler)

There is likely more but can't think of it at the time, might add more as I go

Things I will NOT draw:

-NSFW as in

  • Sexual stuff(will be ok with drawing characters in BDSM gear but it's mostly biker looking gear/dominatrix stuff that doesn't show privates, you might need to ask about it)

  • Nudes(if the character is an anthro/alien character that has no privates visible & do not clearly look like a naked human then I can make some exceptions)

  • Large amounts of gore & violence(ok with a little blood or at the very least blood covered but no organs visible nor anything else)

  • Vore

  • An actual birth scene(might do the torso up in a hospital bed & looking in pain but nothing else)

-Transformations of any kind such as

  • being turned into items

  • being turned into toys

  • being turned into shiny spandex sex toy looking shit

  • being turned into other characters especially women & big busted curvy women

  • Being turned into big busted curvy/bimbo versions of the person

  • You get the point

with the only exception being stuff like

  • Anime transformations(like magic girl/guy stuff)

  • Armor/Power Ranger like stuff

  • Character transforming/morphing into their second form(like if they're a werewolf or alien or have other features like a tail & wings or something)

  • Pretty much none fetish versions of the term "transformation"

-Any form of expansion(blue berry à la Willy Wonka, body parts especially foot/butt/boob expansion), while I will do stomach expansion but it'll look like pregnancy as I can't make the stomach look any other way

-Real person/real person(a large example is a Youtuber/internet celeb paired with another) unless it's you & your partner or anything involving real people like drawing them pregnant, I don't feel comfortable drawing real people without their permission/if I know they're ok with it,

-Foot shit(anything involving a foot fetish such as close to the POV of the viewer, enlarged feet, etc)

-Conjoined twin/siblings(HOW THE FUCK IS THIS A FETISH), I will draw characters if they are conjoined but if I find out you have a lot of conjoined characters art that can be considered fetish levels then no

-Hypnosis fetish

-ANY FORM OF BATHROOM FETISH(Why the hell do you want an image of a person sitting on the toilet unless they're hiding from zombies or someone)

-Quicksand sinking fetish(how the hell do you people make these fetishes)

Pretty much most fetishes, some might be ok but have to learn if it's ok to be an exception or not.(Examples are shown) More stuff might be listed later if needed.

New computer

New computer

On 8/23/2020 I got a new laptop, been planning on it for a while but only now got to it. My old one is getting wiped & given to my mom. My new computer is a gaming laptop so it should work pretty well & it's like my dad's so I don't need all cords for my Wacom tablet as my old one did.(Which also needed cords to make one work) This costed a lot so it's kind of a Birthday/Christmas present. I kind of panicked a little when I was trying to get Steam to log me in(I dunno what dad did but he fixed it & my old laptop while I was still using it became logged out of Steam) but it was eventually fixed. Installed pretty much everything so my new laptop is all set to use, Clip Studio is still restoring a cloud backup but other than that(besides getting 7z, finishing installing some games & some stuff I'm forgetting) I should be all set. My last laptop has windows 10 as does my new one(no shit considering it's the current one) so I'm use to the lay out. Because of the stated obvious I won't
I hope Model Resources uploads the cubs model for Animal Crossing New Horizons soon. Want a better look at them for a drawing ref, Phototopia helps some ingame but don't want to keep taking the micro SD card out to get the images.

Weird isekai dream

Weird isekai dream

I wrote this down in the morning while I could because I’d likely forget later & I had a lot of shot to do Had a dream that was kind of interesting, not sure what lead to it besides my struggles to sleep.(Have trouble getting to bed on time & no matter what time I wake up(around 7-9am) I’ll be unable to go back to sleep) So weirdly enough it’s an isekai plot, two twins that are pretty close haven’t seen each other in a long time(possibly due to parent separation I have no idea what happened) unite at their childhood home(I think their grandma owned the house but I think I do know they were going to live there together while going on with their lives) only for as they hugged a bright light surrounds them. When the light goes away they see that they’re dressed in fancy dresses & their hair has become longer & curled. Looking around the twins see they’re in some room that’d possibly belong to a mansion or castle at night. Some wolf dressed like a noble comes in & growls at the twins

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I know what Precure is, I'm saying you said this stuff out of nowhere & I did nothing to cause it. The only time I mentioned Precure was inspiration from a teddy bear & possibly mentioning Hug-tan.

in case you want to make future drawings

you could make precure drawings with yaoi & yuri and mpreg

there are very good precure characters

LiveWireGothHobbyist General Artist

I want to point out that most of the Precures are middle schoolers(I wouldn't say anything about it if you mentioned them aged up) & I don't do requests

PunkFromMarzHobbyist Digital Artist

Just wondering if we can maybe do a trade?