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Oil Spill Duck Sculpture

Bringing a different perspective to the BP Gulf Oil Spill, California artist Donald Gialanella (jell-a-nell-a) transforms crude oil into art.

Lifelike images of birds, turtles and marine creatures--created from the very oil that is harming them--emerge from the artist’s hands in this media event on the beach.

Working right on the Louisiana shoreline, Gialanella scoops up blobs of oil and adds a special, low environmental impact coagulant to make the oil solid enough to sculpt. While the gooey petroleum solidifies, the artist works quickly to capture the essence of the creatures he portrays.

“When I say I work in oils, this is not what most people expect," says Gialanella." But when the see the sculpture of oil-soaked animals made from the actual oil that is causing the damage, the message becomes crystal clear.”
All proceeds from the sale of these unique sculptures will be donated to the Gulf Oil cleanup effort.
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thanks for the art and cause!
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A pull no punches, say it like it is, sculpture.  I guess out of destruction come creation;  a brilliant creation.  Richard
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Thank you Richard.
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Haunting piece.

Hello, I am a curator from Infinity Art Gallery and I would like to invite you to submit your work to our upcoming exhibition: Lay of the Land: The Terrain of the 21st Century. The Deadline is January 1st. I hope you will consider sharing your incredible work with us and being part of our exhibition. Happy Holidays!

impressing !!
creative..really drives home the point.
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Thank you very much.
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This is really original, and gets the message through, and I'd buy this but I'd feel like crying everytime I saw it.
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Did you say" buy"? Sweeet!
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Yeah! It's really great! :)
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Original idea :thumbsup:
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Congrats for being in the Coolclimate contest. Awesome job! Hope your work gets recognized.
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Thanks for your well wishes. It was the celebrity judges first place pick.
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What a cool concept! And congratulations for your placing in the Coolclimate contest :)
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Thank you for saying so.
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definitely should've won
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