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A real attempt at online art by LiveScarry A real attempt at online art :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 1 0 my first attempt on drawing on a phone by LiveScarry my first attempt on drawing on a phone :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 Alex Devl by LiveScarry Alex Devl :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 1 0 Dean Devl by LiveScarry Dean Devl :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 1 0 Drake Devl by LiveScarry Drake Devl :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 Cal Devl by LiveScarry Cal Devl :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 Max Devl by LiveScarry Max Devl :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 Dale Devl by LiveScarry Dale Devl :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 Bill and Springtrap by LiveScarry Bill and Springtrap :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 2 0 Roze in a box by LiveScarry Roze in a box :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 something I drew at school! by LiveScarry something I drew at school! :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 Gravity Falls OC by LiveScarry Gravity Falls OC :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 1 0 FNaF Fanart by LiveScarry FNaF Fanart :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 1 0 Front facing view of her now! by LiveScarry Front facing view of her now! :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0 My first peace of art! by LiveScarry My first peace of art! :iconlivescarry:LiveScarry 0 0


A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chap. 11
Hallo! Sorry 'bout the crappiness of the earliest chapter...I wasn't actually thinking of what I was gonna type.
So far here's the thing: You ran away from the shack because they found out about your deal (naturally, why else would you be with Bill?), Stanley hurt you emotionally, and our minds are still messed up. Technically, it means you weren't thinking straight. There! That about sums it up!
Me: OA man...anyway I don't own the characters in my stories. Thank you, buh-bye!
Gravity Falls © Alex Hearse (see his Twitter acct. for more info)
Stanley's P.o.V.
       When they stopped hugging me, I said," Maybe I was a bit harsh on (Y/N)...where is she anyway?”
       They all stared at each other. "We didn't notice, Grandpa...I thought she was part of the group hug," M
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 5 2
Do we have a deal?- bill cipher reader insert.
    If you remember only one thing in your life remember this: be careful when making deals with magical creatures. Make sure there are no loopholes they can exploit, because no matter how good a magical creature is they will exploit them. You must also make sure you’re wording is precise as improper wording will cause havoc. Better yet don’t make deals with magical creatures it almost never turns out good for the human.
            Sometimes however there is no way to avoid making a magical deal. Maybe you stumbled upon something magical and the only way to get out of a magical mess is with more magic. In such cases be sure to follow the rules above as not following them will make the situation worse. Of all the way to get into a magical deal a demon is the worst way.
    If a demon gains interest in you there is no way you will ever get away without making some kind of deal. As
:iconmokaevans-yamimoka:mokaevans-yamimoka 14 3
It's a Deal (Bill Cipher X Reader)
Yet Darker.
You reach around to touch something only to meet nothing.
You try to move forward only to experience a tug on your neck, keeping you stationary.
You attempt to call for help, but to no avail.
Your throat is dry and there is cloth stuffed in your mouth.
Every movement you make leads to an ache in your bones making you regret everything.
This is all because of him
If he hadn't lured you in with his charming smile, you wouldn't be here.
If you hadn't been so naive.
So foolish.
This is all your fault.
Your cheeks feel wet and you cannot do anything to stop the tears with your numb appendages.
You let out a loud sob, collapsing to your knees.
You abruptly stop as a creak is heard up ahead.
You see a light in the distance and nearly cry again out of pure happiness.
Adrenaline taking over, you claw at the leather collar, finding the buckle and taking it off along with your gag.
You run towards the light and begin to cackle, all feelings of lon
:iconnekogamergirl:NekoGamerGirl 28 7
How About a Deal? - Human!Bill Cipher x Reader
A/N: In advance I'm sorry if Bill isn't portrayed right, also all characters are aged up to at least seventeen and eighteen.
You narrowed your eyes as you walked through the woods. Taking in a deep breath as you tried to calm your nerves, your fist clenched and unclenched as you stopped and stood there. You may be wondering why you're angry, well you see it was because of your friend, Dipper Pines. Once again he had blew you off to go and chase down some monster or whatever it was that he planned to do. It angered you how the brunette chose some dumb mystery over his friend.
"Ugh! That...that idiot!" You exclaimed, kicking a rock that was in front of you.
"Whoa you might want to calm down there [Symbol]" an all too familiar voice said. The way it echoed in your ears, calmed your nerves somewhat, but you were still enraged.
"What do you want Cipher?" You snapped, crossing your arms as the world around you started turning a deep gray. All colors disappeared as you were left in a monotone
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 265 29
A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chap. 4
(Y/N) 's P.o.V.
       I quickly shoved the journal in my satchel and put it on my shoulder. The twins might wander what's taking me so long, so I met up with them. "Hallo guys!"
       "Hey! How 'bout we show you around town, (Y/N)," Mabel said. We went walking around town, doing the usual stuff a person might want to do. We had lunch, etc... I'm not the kind of person to plunge into describing every single bit so...yeah...Until I felt a disturbance.
       "Uh, guys. Mind if I excuse myself a bit. I'm going to, I dunno, walk around a bit," I told them while we were walking back to the shack.
       "No problem," Dipper said. I flashed them a smile and walked off. When I saw that they entered the shack, I broke into a jog. Then a dash. I ran to the cliff, where I felt or maybe even saw something strange.
       'Maybe, just mayb
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 5 2
A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chap. 3
BTW, this story has been made months before the reveal that Stanley is Stanford and v.v. so yap
(Y/N)’s P.o.V.
   “Take care, (Y/N),” Lou Ellen said. My cabin mates were waving good-bye to me. “We’ll miss you!” one of my brothers shouted. I gave one long ‘bye’ and ran to the top of the hill where Chiron was waiting.
   “Here’s a pack of ambrosia. Then here’s one of the dining goblets. You know how they work,” Chiron spoke as he handed me the things. I put them in my expandable satchel(imagine without handle or diff. color if you want); it has a spell so that no matter how much or how heavy you put in it, it won’t weigh much and enlarge. Handy being a daughter of magic.
   “Thanks Chiron. See y’a!” I called out as I got into the van and Argus drove off. The ride was quick and silent and I transferred to a bus when
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 7 0
A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chap. 10
Can anyone do the disclaimer please? I hear Bill barking (mah dog…not…yeah)
Stanford: I'll do it! This kid doesn't own us. End of story! Also, why don't you folks come down to the Mystery Shack! We've got-
Me: Thank you, Grunkle Stan! Or in the reader's case, Uncle Stan! Thank you for reading and surviving my annoying cliffhangers! Love you all!
(Y/N)'s P.o.V.
"I sense Cipher."
       That heart-breaking feeling came to me. After I cast aside the fact that this machine might destroy the universe just to bring him back, that's what Dad tells me?! Couldn't it have been 'Hi' or something?!
       "Thirty years, Dad, and that's what you tell me?! I risked the universe!" I said angrily.
       "You won't hurt her. Not on my watch," Bill said, who was now in front of me.
       "Wha-how, how do you have a body?!" Stanley asked. Bill disregard his question and spread his arms
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 9 0
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald by Grafik Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald :icongrafik:Grafik 177 5
Bill cipher x reader TV
It was a Friday night and Bill was sitting on the couch watching what people called 'television'. It was jersey shore and Bill was intrigued, that is until his roommate/best human buddy burst through the front door. "Bill! I got something for ya!" He turned his head to look at her, raising an eyebrow in confusion. "You didn't have to get me anything, doll." (Y/n) slightly shook her head, and set down the plastic bag on the granite counter. A small smirk had spread on her face as she pulled a triangle shaped fabric from the bag. "What is it exactly?" He asked hesitantly. A small giggle emitted from her lips. "It's a Halloween costume I thought you'd look good in!" It was a Dorito chip costume. Bill's face distorted into a disturbed  look. "Try it on!" She shoved the costume into his arms. She gave him the adorable puppy eyes. Bill sighed in defeat. "I g-guess". He marched upstairs, meanwhile (y/n) had picked up a costume for her. A cute cat costume with robotic ears that tell her m
:iconpukingnyancat:pukingnyancat 14 1
A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chapter 8
Gravity Falls © Sir Alexander Robert Hirsch
Bill's P.o.V.
I didn't know why I hugged her that day, but it felt...right?
       Actually, it has already been a week after that incident. I've been watching over her more intently, even when she's asleep. I know some of you might say it's creepy, but what's your point? I've been going on, what was that again--dates?-- with her but she denies they are dates. I find it rather weird though, suddenly being romantically-attached to a mortal. Or half-mortal. Or whatever.
       Even now, as you are reading this, I'm watching her as she throws water balloons at Pine Tree and Shooting Star while Stanford watched them. They still don't know the deal. They were running around when (Y/N) got splashed with one. I couldn't help but laugh. So, they saw me.
       "Ohmygosh, (Y/N), your boyfriend is here!" Shooting Star said as she
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 5 5
A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chapter 5
Gravity Falls © Alex Hirsch
(Y/N)'s P.o.V.
   I just walked away from the cliff. 'Demons runnin' round again,' I thought with a sigh.
   "(Y/N), you're- where did you get those scratches?" Dipper asked. I chuckled nervously.
   "Well, stuff happens. I'm fine though. I'll just bandage 'em up," I replied. He kept staring at me quizzically.
   "(Y/N)...I get the feeling you're hiding something," he said suspiciously. I grinned nervously. 'Didn't know I had Sherlock as a cousin,' I thought. I took his hat and put it in my head, leading to his protests.
   "Come on, Dad. I want some free time," I said sarcastically.
   "Oh shut up," he replied with a laugh.
   “Since it’s your first night here…can we have a SLEEPOVER?!” Mabel said energetically.
   “Sure! You can go in right now, actually,” I told them. Mabel looked like she was gonna explode with h
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 6 0
Mysterious Ways Bill Cipher x Reader Part 1
'These books weigh a ton...but it may help somewhere along the lines...just maybe' pausing in my place on the sidewalk and shuffling the bag to my other arm, I looked around the surroundings before continuing my way back to the place I have made my own. 
"LOOK OUT!" A loud skidding noise and the weight of something heavy became present as I stared at the skies dark clouds drawing near processing what had just happened, "oh my god, I am sooo sorry I should have watched where I was going, curse these stupid skates.." I looked up to see a girl with long brown hair with eyes to match staring down at me with an apologetic look " can get off me now...that would help..especially because I'm sure I landed on a rock.." I painfully croaked out, the young girl quickly got off me and helped me up in the process. The mysterious brunette helped me pick up my book bag and handed it back to me carefully as to not drop it and damage the books contained inside.
 "sorry a
:iconxxdeathrosesxx:XxDeathRosesxX 5 0
Bill Cipher x Demon!Reader
I frowned as I stared into a mirror in the room that I had ended up in. It was great to stare at myself. I was clearly the most attractive demon in this, and every other, world. I was literally nothing but an analog clock with an eye for each number. The pupil of each eyes was the number that it was supposed to be. I was black as night while my eye-numbers were (f/c).
"Jeeze i really am amazing, aren't I?" I asked myself with a laugh. Obviously my mouth wasn't moving since I didn't have one.
Then, I decided to face the person who had summoned me.
"So...kid. Is there any particular reason you summoned me here?" I asked the admittedly attractive human who lay on the floor in front of me. Not that humans were attractive. But, by human standards, he was a good looking kid.
"" He stuttered, evidently terrified.
I rolled my eyes at the child before sighing. "I suppose I should introduce myself! Name's (Y/N) (L/N), kid. It's a pleasure for you to meet me, I'm sure." I cackled drama
:iconfeliciavargas010:FeliciaVargas010 22 4
A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chapter 9
Hallo! I just need to tell you this WAS based on JUST THEORIES. The story was created WAAAAAAAY before the big name switch between the BEAR WITH ME AGAIN XD
I do not own any of the characters in my stories. Someone will regret coming to life if I ever owned him hehehehehehe…
Dipper: *the Voice-Over voice* On with the story!
Me: *smashes laptop on him* AAAAAAAAAAH!!! IMPOSTOR!!! DIE!!!
Dipper: *back to normal voice* *weak voice* Why do they always think that?
Me: 0.0 MEDIC PLEASE! Not anyone related to Apollo!
Apollo cabin and Apollo: Awwww, why?
Bill’s P.o.V.
This was bad. Real bad. Really really really really bad.
   As you would think, I started on the wrong foot with Stanley, (Y/N)’s dad. If Stanford reopened the portal…he’d be able to get out of that futuristic universe! Meaning he’d hunt me down. Meaning he’d keep me away from (Y/N)! I don’t even care about my plans…I need to make it up to
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 6 2
A Deal's A Deal (Bill Cipher x Reader) Chap. 2
Mabel: PJHP4evah does not own any of the characters in her stories. Hey guys! You wanna know what hap-*muffled*
Me: You didn't hear that- YUCK!!! Mabel!
Mabel: hehehe anyway on with the story!
Me: I was supposed to say that -_-
Mabel: Who cares?! Have some Mabel juice!
Me: This is worse than Dakota's Kool-Aid!! NOOOOO!!! GTG GUYS
(Y/N)'s P.o.V.
"Bull's-eye!" Lou Ellen shouted.
       Well I see you're once again reading this. It's me, (Y/N)! I'm now 15 years old, but you may consider me 33 if you know my history. Anyhow, I'm at the archery range just practicing. The war was over; it's been a month now. So, our lives are back to normal! Or as normal a demigod's life can be.
       Annabeth and I were just shooting arrows (Hey! What do you know! She wanted to practice.) when Chiron came.
       "(Y/N)! May I excuse you from your free time for a moment. It's quite a serious discussion," Chiron said.
:iconpjhpgf4evah:PJHPGF4evah 7 0
Some Sunny Day (Bill Cipher X Reader Pt.2)
     “Well, well, well, well, well, well, well~!” a high pitched and echoey male voice rang out as you tried to find it, “What do we have here? A visiter? Oh I’m touched~.”
     Where was that voice coming from? Looking about you did your best to find the owner of the voice but wound up with nothing, “H-hello?”
     “Oh don’t be scared kid I’m not going to hurt you.” the voice promised before continuing, “I just want to talk! I haven’t had a conversation with anyone, except my self, for a very long time! What is it you humans call it…three years? Haha! You silly humans and your belief in time~.” How badly he wanted to make a deal with you now he knew he had to go about this the right way. Go slow. Gain your trust. Much like he did with Ford but instead of leaving it there he needed to convince you to join him.
:iconroseandarkholm:RoseAnDarkholm 14 1


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A real attempt at online art
Actually tried this time! I can't figure out how to make a skin tone so she has no skin tone XD.
my first attempt on drawing on a phone
I gave up... Can someone recommend me a good drawing for your phone please?
Alex Devl
He is the other half of the twins. The younger one. He is the second eldest. He has too much emotion to make up for his big brother Dean's lack of emotion. They are twins after all.
Dean Devl
He is the eldest out of the twins, he can not feel emotion. So ask questions if you like!


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