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Economic Dominion for The Serious Adventurer
I’d always been fascinated by tabletop RPGs, though they seem a bit too daunting, and as in the case of the most well-known TRPG system, Dungeon and Dragons, it can get pretty tedious.
So imagine my delight upon discovering Dungeon World, a TRPG system where the fiction comes first. Sure, there are rules and regulations, but they are far less involved than what DnD prescribes. There is little that player characters cannot do — all they have to do is to roleplay it, run it by the GM and fellow players, and roll the dice to see if they succeeded or not. Dungeon World is a collaborative TRPG experience, where the players have as much say in the fiction as does the GM.
I can go on about the simplicity and potential of Dungeon World, but not here. If you are interested in learning more, here’s the standard reference website: It actually has all you need to start playing (buy the book if you really like it).
I invited a friend and his fr
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Blue Sky Therapy
I saw a therapist the other day
to help banish my gloom and dismay.
I learned I was somehow in recovery
and I didn’t mind parting with the money.
I arrived more than an hour early,
and decided to explore the periphery.
Beautiful weather, no cloud in the sky;
it made me question myself… Why?
Why do I feel bent and broken?
Why do I think I am forsaken?
Why do I lack the psychological vigor,
when my life is objectively better?
I sat down, half-drunk on sunshine
as he prepared to listen to me whine.
He prompted and prodded, in his asking
about my problems, and how life’s going.
Over a period of an hour less a quarter
we did what amounts to emotional barter.
Maybe it helped that I was spring-giddy,
as he analyzed a state of melancholy.
Dysthymia is what he called it,
a steady half-depression, and not a fit.
My recent predicament is just one part
of a problem plaguing a deflated heart.
In a nutshell, dysthymia may be cast
as depression flying at half-mast.
Must everything I
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Mature content
Quiet Egress :iconlivemynd:LiveMynd 0 0
April's Fool
First of April, a day of jest
E-mail bodkins cruel, into my chest
We regret sir, you’ve failed the test
No luck there, back into the mess
Broken my flow, no more writing
This day needs to become of healing
Soul cracked but still willing
Who else is right now hiring?
Third month out of employ
Bank account close to void
The despair swells into a noise
Sought out a sympathetic voice.
A temple visit for a quick prayer
Do these gods lend their ears
To “only during trouble” worshipers?
More so will they aid a strange foreigner?
Wishes transmitted, Pascal’s wager
Heart becalmed, but still wavers
Drew a fortune, slip of paper
“Excellent Luck”, claims gods’ favor.
At this junction, a queer trilemma
Accept this as a sign, am I delivered?
Or is it a prank, and am I buggered?
Or perhaps foolish, as a fair-weather believer?
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A Brief History of Magic
Magic is a part of our daily lives (unless the reader is a nillie), but what is it exactly? What allows roughly one percent of the human population to perform feats in the physical world that seem to defy the laws of nature? And what does nillie science have to do with it?
It has only been a century since willards across the globe collectively began to formally include ideas from thaumatology (Note for nillies: that’s an umbrella term for willard science and technology). In earlier times, your average willard took magic for granted, as an amorphous collection of convenient phrases that produce magical effects. One can imagine our shamanic ancestors uttering random sequences of syllables and words in some haphazard experimentation and then remembering the ones that worked. In these times, knowledge of magic was passed on only to “chosen ones”, and involved a lot of mysticism and appealing to divinities who may or may not have existed. Although some say that people capa
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Inspired by Gas (Edward Hopper, 1940)
The setting sun painted the charging station with shades of orange, edging towards red. Solomon was restocking the fuel cells. He hadn’t moved a Class G3 power cell in over a year. Not all that surprising, ever since Mercedes-Benz-Galwitz shifted their focus away from personal vehicles to arcology infrastructure several years ago. There was something in his inbox about a recall initiative, but he hadn’t paid much attention to it. Maybe after dinner.
He hummed to himself as he worked. It was a relatively slow melody, bright in a few spots, but generally relaxed. He liked to time his movements to the rhythm, as he dusted the pumps. When Solomon bought the gas station from its previous owner, the pumps had already been converted to cater to electric cars; they had not seen a drop of gasoline in decades. Underneath the skeuomorphic shell was a high-capacity battery, various meters, and a line that hooked it up to the solar farm beh
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Inspired by Automat (Edward Hopper, 1927)
-- Chika --
Work was hard to come by, though times weren’t exactly tough. Everyone got a basic income, so the essentials of food and shelter were taken care of, as long as you didn’t mind living in an HU .  Most people didn’t. Chika didn’t either, not really. You got up to three well-rounded meals a day, access to hot showers, and public rooms where there was always something blandly interesting going on. A lot of people didn’t even bother leaving their HUs, choosing instead to immerse themselves in a vast library of recorded performances and interactive adventures.
Those people became fewer by the decade, according to the Arcological Statistical Management Organization. It wasn’t entirely surprising. Those who were “exploring the frontiers beyond” (slogan of the Alt/Life Corporation) did not bother to build relationships in the real world, despite flourishing through their avatars.
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Rosewater and Rum
Inspired by Nighthawks (Edward Hopper, 1942)
-- Kent --
‘Hey Kent, what can I get for you?’ Mildly gregarious, the barman greeted the visitor coming in from a balmy spring evening.
‘Holloway, single, rocks. You should know that by now, Dan, considering I come here pretty much every other day.’ Kent bantered cheerfully as he ambled to his usual seat. The Corner Vista had been his local bar, ever since Tammy left him years ago.
Not that he was at fault for that. Nor was Tammy, for that matter. If anyone was at fault it was everyone – the “everyone” that didn’t particularly care about belching dirty smoke from their gas-guzzling “American classic” cars.  The “everyone” that protested nuclear power, and were content with coal. The “everyone” that only feared meltdowns and didn’t think twice about how many more people were suffering from lung disease.
Tammy didn’t deserve lung cance
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The Night Is For Writing 2016-02-23
The Night Is For Writing
2016-02-23 00:59
The sleepless yet thoughtful night is for writing. It is at night when my loneliness rears its ugly head, because other feelings are temporarily assuaged. Ideas and thoughts poke and prod, tauntingly, enticing me with promises of satisfaction for understanding some “truth”, or expressing something that had yet to be expressed by any other.
In the daytime during the week, I find it difficult to write, though I am currently unemployed and therefore have the time to spend on my favorite art (because it is the only one I am at least capable of). Instead, my head is filled with a gray ennui, and a shame at being -- *sarcastic gasp* -- a bum. I tell myself that I should not be embarrassed about being at the cafe on a Tuesday afternoon while being neither student, nor professional artist, nor nocturnal contributor to society. But it sometimes takes a while, if ever, before what you tell yourself overrides what people have told you t
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Santa Claus and the False Binary
Many people all across the world are familiar with Santa Claus, especially the Coca-Cola version -- rotund, red, and ridiculously jolly. When the tinsel goes up, tensions come down as the multitudes wind down to celebrate Christmas, Christians and non-Christians alike. Where Christianity does not have a great foothold, Christmas is nevertheless celebrated in its commercial form. Though some may lament at how industries are leading the masses around by the nose at this time of year, the fact remains that people do feel some of that spirit of joy and generosity; that is what’s important, isn’t it?
Call it the power of Hollywood, or of the culture broadcast by the USA, if you prefer, but the fact remains that people around the world are familiar with Santa Claus’s gargantuan global gallop of generosity on Christmas Eve. For the uninitiated, the myth says that Santa Claus goes all around the world on his sleigh (pulled by a team of reindeer), leaving gifts for good childr
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Bombs blown in religious schism /
Throw the world out of its rhythm /
Why must we suffer for your -ism? /
Answer! Present your logical reason!
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Scar Before The Wound (Extract)
August was the acceptance.
September was the pre-mourning.
October was the beginning of the sigh-peppered countdown.
November was the chill wind that found a home in the cavern that had begun to form in my chest.
December was the affirmation of family ties, burning brighter in tragedy.
January was the momentary refusal of acknowledgement, a willful ignorance.
February was the return to the gloom, darker than before.
March was the mask of pride and accomplishment, in itself paper-thin.
April was the loss.
May was the seedling in half-shadow, upright but not erect.
June is the crack in the glass bowl.
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Hypotheses fall
Under a barrage of tests
Sieve truth from the chaff
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A gloomy morning
Otherwise fine, now ruined
Tobacco jacket
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Get In Free
Welcome one and all to the pity party /
Hypocrites welcome, depressionists get in free /
No worries, there are plenty of comrades to meet /
Plop your sorry butt down on an empty seat /
Let's bitch about ourselves and our lives /
Although we all know that we're not helpless /
It's cathartic, It's relieving /
It's relaxing, self-deceiving /
To moan about how weak we are /
To never take that step outside the loop /
Because tomorrow is like today is like yesterday /
Nothing goes our desired way /
'Cause all we do is while the days away
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Mature content
Bitch to the Code :iconlivemynd:LiveMynd 0 0


This is one of those pictures that makes you wonder just how good people can be. Others may use digital tools to create something simil...

You know you have a winner when you spend more time looking at something than you intended to. Although very tongue-in-cheek and humor-...

This is actually an excellent idea, in my opinion. I know for a fact that I check in more than I should -- my low pageview flow notwith...

by 1zmim

This is a fine piece or 3D work, and captures many elements of the modern bathroom perfectly. A good combination of honey woods and sto...


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Constantly thinking.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Amateur artist -- a fertile mind but without the real skills to express the ideas. I work with pencil and paper, simple vector graphics (still learning), poetry, and prose.

Accepting weapon design and other commissions. If it's a concept and rough draft of a weapon you want, send me a note and we'll talk. I can also write on request.

Whoa, What Happened...?

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 17, 2013, 3:01 AM
If you want to use my work, ask for my permission! :D

Art Status

Weapon Design -- Open
Writing -- Open

  • Sketches - USD2.00

  • Vector Lineart - USD5.00

  • Word Art - USD5.00

  • Poetry - USD3.00

  • Text Editing (English) - USD3.00 / 500 words

  • Translation (Filipino, English) - USD3.00 / 500 words

Prices subject to change depending on size and complexity.

According to my profile stats, I got 1420 views last 2013-Jul-12.

One thousand four hundred and twenty views. In one day. WTF.

I know that's normal for some, and even far below the average for the big names here on dA, but it is so abnormal for me that it is driving me nuts. What the heck happened on that day that drove up my views so much? I haven't received any comments whatsoever on any of my works, which is very unlikely if I indeed got that many views.

It makes me think that it was just a bug in the system...

Is there anyone who can shed some light on this matter?

On another note, I am almost done with my first semester as a Master's student here in Tokyo. It's was tough at times, but not unmanageable because I strategized my subject selection. :D

EDIT: I started up a thread on the forums and got some feedback that it seems to be a bug. 14 replies in, and the forum keepers decided to bring the hummer down on us. Thread closed, some closure achieved.

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  • Reading: A Manga Guide To Calculus
  • Watching: Tales of the Abyss
  • Drinking: Purified water (tap water here gives you diarrhea)

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