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Ash and Air

A commission for…

Took some time to finish but I feel it was worth the elbow grease!
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Mouseyman99's avatar
I want these for a skyrim mod xD
Classic cool and beautiful artwork I appreciate it
Superjustinbros's avatar
They look so awesome; reminds me of the character style from Witchblade.
InsaneJoseph's avatar
Reminds me of monmusu in a sense.
But its all the right good. Dragons are cool.
thebbsrx's avatar
now thats awsome
staceytron's avatar
astonishing work, magnificent colours, stunningly beautiful ladies :love:
LiveForTheFunk's avatar
Thank you! It took some time to finish hahaha.
Polar opposites joined by the hand. Without a care in the world and defying conformity. Very nice. :)
NyteShay's avatar
So like, do they shave, or only grow hair on their heads?
LiveForTheFunk's avatar
I'm not sure but I would assume they are some kind of half mammal/half reptilian so they would only have hair on their heads.
lvlapple's avatar
Dat resolution.
LiveForTheFunk's avatar
Oh whoa woops lol. Changed to a slightly lower res hahaha.
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