Watcher Feature Part IV

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Welcome to My Watcher Feature Part IV

A feature dedicated to all of my watchers.

Thank you all so very much for watching me and supporting my photography and other arts, I greatly appreciate it and to show you how much I do, I'm going to be doing watchers features from now on.

Everyone that watches me will have three of their works featured one time, I'll start with the first 30 watchers and then another 30 and so on until I get through the entire list, with time the number of watchers featured in one feature may decrease as I catch up but this will be a continuous thing as there are always new people watching on a regular basis.

For now three works seems like plenty at 30 watchers a feature, that will make it a total of 90 deviations featured in one feature, at least until I catch up and get everyone featured.
So do not worry if you are not featured right away and are watching me, this is a continuous thing like I mentioned above and everyone will get featured eventually, it may take time however because I have my other regular features I do as well and each gets to be on my main page for a certain amount of time before doing another one to be featured on my main page. Normally I do features every 3 days.. give or take, depending on life of course.

So again a huge thank you to all of my lovely and amazing watchers, you're continuous support means a lot to me and is always greatly appreciated.

I may not get to thank each and every one of you for every single favorite, but I will try my hardest to support all of you in anyway that I can and of course I reply to all comments.

11,200+ Page views
389 Watchers

Ps. If you have no art in you're gallery you will not get a feature and be skipped over. But you're support is still greatly appreciated!

Now for the feature...


Miam-miam by scubapic

Chir en mer by scubapic

Pics du Lion by scubapic

Love Is The Answer by cristy120377

Bizarre coincidence 36 rise of some old rebelious. by cristy120377

Metaphysical metamorphosis 0082 by cristy120377

Pink Cupcake by jwdonley

Sugar Falling on Waffles by jwdonley

Like a Rainbow by Sheila-M-Carlo

The Touch by Sheila-M-Carlo

Too many drops... by Sheila-M-Carlo

Windows by Bloodorn

Untitled by Bloodorn

Timeless Passages by MoodyBlue

Slowly, We Take Steps! by MoodyBlue

There Is Only One Of You by MoodyBlue

Eyes without a face by Joe-Maccer

I don't know by Joe-Maccer

Dream On by Joe-Maccer

This strange world by Lys333

I've got my eyes on you by Lys333

Do I look purrfect ? by Lys333

Aurore - Final version by Amidasu

Colourful Paper Cranes by Amidasu

Crapule by Amidasu

Some Clouds Have Wings by slshimerdla

Daily Painting #13 - Light Floats by slshimerdla

Daily Painting #4 - Trailing Toxicity by slshimerdla

We're All Mad Here by D-Archae

Blue Dream by D-Archae

Moon Keeper by D-Archae

The Last Knowledge (2011) by Kiriya

Dark Propechy by Kiriya

Princess of The Dark by Kiriya

jg81 by jesseboy000

Olympus17 by jesseboy000

jg34 by jesseboy000

Collecting by Beatofthesky

Somewhere but not here by Beatofthesky

Shoeless by Beatofthesky

Frontier by Francy-93

Blue Waterfall by Francy-93

Singel Canal by Francy-93

Fish ripples by marshwood

Aurora procellarum by marshwood

Sunset after storm 1.1.2 by marshwood

A fading memory by rollarius55

Early spring (The spring in her) by rollarius55

To the winter wedding party by rollarius55

Last warm day by Kummitui

to the moon by Elf--Spirit

Impulse by Elf--Spirit

5 pt ghost doggie adopt CLOSED by Elf--Spirit

715 by Gelu509

906 by Gelu509

982 by Gelu509

Garfield by suraZcat

Ordinarily Pretty by suraZcat

The Trail We Blaze by suraZcat

fmR by Pierre-Lagarde

Throw Away The Keez by Pierre-Lagarde

Polygones Bichromes by Pierre-Lagarde

Kalamata at its best (Greece) by pinelopi-z

Sapphire by pinelopi-z

Snowstorm by pinelopi-z

illustrations-A22 by sedugusella

Bravelock universe by sedugusella

Bravelock universe by sedugusella

Il Giardino Proibito by LaraBLN

Autumn in Heaven by LaraBLN

Autumn of Silver and Gold by LaraBLN

Let There Be Light... by Pryate

After Love... by Pryate

When Love was Burning... by Pryate

Hope you enjoyed the feature and thanks for viewing! <3

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Kummitui's avatar
Ohh, so wonderful! Thank you! Plus I found more awesome people to follow c:
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
You're welcome, well deserved and so glad that you enjoyed the feature! :heart:
Also glad that you found people to watch. :D
Laur720's avatar
Thank you for the feature. Beautiful artworks. 
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
Welcome, well deserved and glad that you enjoyed the feature. :heart:
lucytherescuedcat's avatar
Beautiful feature!:-) 
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
Glad you enjoyed the feature! :D
Beautiful features dear Bri :love: 
Thank you so much for including my works among these amazing artists :heart:
Lucila-with-Love by KmyGraphic  
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
My pleasure, well deserved and thank you for you're continuous support! :heart:
Avencherus's avatar
MoodyBlue's avatar
Thx 4 feature my sweet friend Bri! :hug: :rose:
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
You're welcome dear, it was my pleasure and thank you for you're continuous support! :heart: :rose: :hug:
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
:D :) ;) Welcome, thank you for you're continuous support! :D
Pierre-Lagarde's avatar
jesseboy000's avatar
Thank you so much for the features! What a lovely journal feature!!!!
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
You're welcome, well deserved. :) Thank you for you're continuous support Jesse! :heart:
gigi50's avatar
LiveArtBreatheArt's avatar
Thank you Gigi, glad you enjoyed the feature! :rose:
gigi50's avatar
You put together awesome features :clap:
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