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Hi and Welcome to the Members/How to Join Information Page

All you have to join is add the icon to your page and send us a note with the subjuct line saying "Join PSGM!", if you want to type a message in the note..feel free to too! We love hearing your input about the show or anything!

1) You must like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon...duh
2) Click on "Join Group" on the home page. There, you will be able to request to be a member.
3) You must link us from your Journal or Signature (If using the Signature use the text version than the icon one...since the icons don't show up on your signatures : devliveactionsailormoon : without the spaces)
4) Once you become a member you must devwatch the club so you can be in contact about what's happening in the club like contest, etc and put the club's icon in your journal. : iconliveactionsailormoon : (without the spaces)
= :iconliveactionsailormoon:
5) If you want to submit any art to the club please read all the rules on the Submit PGSM FanArt thanks!

If for some reason you see your icon posted twice or another members icon on anyone of the members pages please note the club or lilly-peacecraft and let us know.

BIG NEWS- PrettyGuardian has mered with us!: updated as of 8/2/05
Please give a warm welcome to prettyguardian's members to our club!

UPDATE- 2nd February 2010
Below is The original member's list from back when the group was a club. If you join now your icon will be listed in the member's box on the group's main page. I'm leaving the list up on the journal until I get all the original members re-joined then I'll take down this journal page. With dA's new group system the member's are listed automatically after joining in their own member's box on the Group's Main page.

This list will not be updated or edited- to find your name listed please see the Group's main page for the member's box to locate your icon thanks!

Hope this clears things up.
lilly-peacecraft founder


If you have any questions or concerns please note the club or your welcome to note me at lilly-peacecraft . Thanks!

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I want to Joim PGSM (I think this is how you do it; ♥;)