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Welcome to the Links Page!
If you have a related Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, meaning the live action website and like us to link you just send us a note with "PGSM Link Us" in the subject line! Thanks! If there's any links not working please note us or lilly-peacecraft!

Websites you should check out for more info!
Sailor Moon Soapbox
Three-Lights dot Net
:: Sailor Dream::-A Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Guide-
Lilly's Moonlight Real Girls: A BSSMLA Fanlisting|Fansite
Lilly's Tsuki Mubi: a pretty guardian music video collection
BSSM.NU's Network
Miss Dream: A Sailor Moon Translation Site
Moonlight Fortune
Starlight Kiss
Juuban District
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon :: Get your Fix!
~New Moon Guardians~
A Gateway to Sailor Moon is your source for links to Sailor Moon sites!
A PGSM Fan Dub Group: LA-Densetsu (Thanks Sho-N for sharing your group with us!)
SMART: A Sailor Moon Fan Art Community (Thanks lenashek for sharing the link with us!)
Crystal-Tokyo (Thanks NeoSCosmos for sharing the link with us!)

Official Sites:
Toei's Official PGSM
Official PGSM site
Fly Me To The Moon

For more links please see my links page on my site!

If you have any questions or concerns please note the club or your welcome to note me at lilly-peacecraft or takuto-kun . Thanks!
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thanks for the links ;P

take care!!!