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Welcome to the FAQ Journal
Below you can find questions to which you need to know the answers.

1) When are updates?
Check the main journal for the latest updates!

2) Who runs this club?
:iconlilly-peacecraft: Creator/President
:icontakuto-kun: Co-Creator/Vic President

--Volunteer/Helper/Contest Ideas/Quiz Ideas Etc.--
:iconhiddenrelevance: General Co-Helper

3) Since this is a club for the Live Action Drama Series of Sailor Moon may I join?
Yes...Of course you can. Please make you way over to the Members/How to Join journal for more information. Thanks!

4) May I submit my art to the club?
Your more and welcome to, but please read the rules and how to submit your art over at the Submit PGSM FanArt journal. Thanks!

5) What is PGSM or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon?
You can find more information over on the About PGSM journal.

If you have any other questions feel free to send a note to the club with "PGSM FAQ" in the subject line. Thanks!

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