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Updated as of 2/10/08

Whats PGSM? Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, known as "PGSM" for short, is Toei's Live-Action Sailor Moon series that airing back in October 4, 2003 and lasted until September 25, 2004 over in Japan! Theres a total of 49 Regular Acts, 1 Making of Special, and 2 Original DVD Releases which is Act Zero and the Special Act. There were also 2 specials released known as the Kirari Super Live and Super Dance Lesson.

A little information about the series:
Stealing people's energy and trying to take over the world, the evil organization known as the "Dark Kingdom" is running rampant across the globe. Caught in the middle of all this is 2nd year Juuban Middle School student Tsukino Usagi, who meets a stuffed cat doll named Luna by chance and who in turn gives her the magical ability to transform into "Sailor Moon"! It turns out that this clumsy, crybaby girl has no choice but to stand up and fight against the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon will meet with her fellow senshi, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, and together they will all fight. Soon Sailor Moon will learn of her past as the princess of the Moon world, and will realize her true destiny and fate....

From the official PGSM website, translated by The Sailor Moon Soapbox

The biggest question that most fans keep asking me or anyone else is PGSM continuing, like is there an second season?
The answer to this is NO! PGSM is NOT continuing. There's a total of 50 Acts|Episodes with 2 Specials (Dance Video and Kirari Super Live! ) . Toei has already stated on their website that PGSM is NOT continuing after the Special Act (Act 50) !

Fore more info please check out lilly-peacecraft's site Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting|Fansite and also check out :: Sailor Dream::-A Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Guide- too!

Deviantart's PGSM Club Information

Who runs DA's PGSM club?
:iconlilly-peacecraft: Creator/President
:icontakuto-kun: Co-Creator/Vic President

--Volunteer/Helper/Contest Ideas/Quiz Ideas Etc.--
:iconhiddenrelevance: General Co-Helper
:iconmisstopaz: General Co-Helper|Moderator
:iconsarahforde: Contributor
:iconsokai-sama: Contributor

Other Dev's PGSM Clubs that you can check out!
:iconprettyguardian: <-- *prettygraudian has merged with us!
:iconlame-n-charm: (dead)
:iconpgsm-fanatic: (dead)
Please check them out! If anyone else notices any PGSM club let us know. So we can link them!

If you have any questions or concerns please note the club or your welcome to note me at lilly-peacecraft . Thanks!

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