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Rules, Joining, and Submitting Guide

Rules and Joining
:bulletpink: You must like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon...duh
:bulletpink: Click on "Join Group" on the home page. There, you will be able to request to be a member.
:bulletpink: You must link us from your Journal or Signature (If using the Signature use the text version than the icon one...since the icons don't show up on your signatures : devliveactionsailormoon : without the spaces)
:bulletpink: Once you become a member you must devwatch the club so you can be in contact about what's happening in the club like contest, etc and put the club's icon in your journal. : iconliveactionsailormoon : (without the spaces)
= :iconliveactionsailormoon:
:bulletpink: Be courteous to each other. No bashing
:bulletpink: Follow the deviantART rules.

:bulletpink: If you want to submit any art to the club please read all the rules on the Submit PGSM FanArt thanks!
:bulletpink: To submit: Go to the "Gallery" and go into the specific folder in which you want to submit something. Click the option "Submit To This Gallery" Alternatively, you can click on the option on the "Home" page, but don't forget to choose the appropriate folder in which you want to submit your work.
:bulletpink: There are folders for specific categories. Please be sure to check them out in the gallery. There's a description in each folder that tells you what goes in there. Be sure to place your submission in the one that suits best. If your submission gets declined, it's most likely because it's been submitted to the wrong folder. Please re-submit it in the proper one.

:bulletpink: Anyone is allowed to suggest any favorites for the group that is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon related.

:bulletpink: We'll affiliate with any club/group. Please send a note to the group titled affiliate PGSM and we'll add you! Our list is located here- Affiliates.

If anyone has any questions please ask thanks!
lilly-peacecraft Founder


Gallery Folders

Member's Art
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by OgawaBurukku
PGSMR_Bittersweet by Kimiski
Saints vs Senshi by viciousSHADi
Patreon Screenshot Redraw: Alter Ego by kgfantasy
Member's Graphic's Gallery
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon WP by jm511
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Wallpaper by jm511
Gokaiger-Sailor Moon Facebook Cover Image v2 by jm511
Member's Crafts
BCG: Princess Sailor Moon (Custom doll clothes) by Leaf-nin
Sailor Moon: PGSM Necklace by Muku-charms
Rei's Ofuda by DavisJes
Custom Dark Mercury Doll 2 by SarahForde
Member's Cosplay
Princess Sailor Moon is back by renataeternal
Castle Memories by renataeternal
Serenity in Castle and Luna by renataeternal
PGSM - Dark Sailor Mercury (Darkury) 9 by Ank-sama
Member's Fan Fiction
Lilly's Fan Panels Photos
Moonie Events at Glass City Con 2015 by lilly-peacecraft
Moonie Events at Matsuricon 2015 by lilly-peacecraft
Shuto con SM Flyer 2015 by lilly-peacecraft
Matsuricon Sm Flyers 2014 by lilly-peacecraft


Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars cosplay by UltraCosplay Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars cosplay :iconultracosplay:UltraCosplay 765 256 Sailor moon by Arukia Sailor moon :iconarukia:Arukia 93 16 Sailor Moon Live Action by daekazu Sailor Moon Live Action :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,794 130 PGSM Usagi by Bel-AirBritt PGSM Usagi :iconbel-airbritt:Bel-AirBritt 44 6 SMPP Sailor Mars by BradenLock SMPP Sailor Mars :iconbradenlock:BradenLock 184 39 SMPP Sailor Venus by BradenLock SMPP Sailor Venus :iconbradenlock:BradenLock 178 29 SMPP Sailor Moon by BradenLock SMPP Sailor Moon :iconbradenlock:BradenLock 81 29 SMPP Queen Beryl by BradenLock SMPP Queen Beryl :iconbradenlock:BradenLock 143 22 Keiko Kitagawa by arekplaur Keiko Kitagawa :iconarekplaur:arekplaur 1,549 263 The Maiden of Ends by The-MoonSquid The Maiden of Ends :iconthe-moonsquid:The-MoonSquid 235 75 .:PGSM:. by AmeliaJo .:PGSM:. :iconameliajo:AmeliaJo 72 21 Haruka and Michiru Commission by shidonii Haruka and Michiru Commission :iconshidonii:shidonii 129 5 I'm Proud of You . . . by Sokai-Sama I'm Proud of You . . . :iconsokai-sama:Sokai-Sama 15 22 Bed Time Boon by BigBoyBoon Bed Time Boon :iconbigboyboon:BigBoyBoon 6 42 Ami-chan at the Beach by TiffanySamanthaLewis Ami-chan at the Beach :icontiffanysamanthalewis:TiffanySamanthaLewis 76 21 Sailro jupiter - lines by MissTopaz Sailro jupiter - lines :iconmisstopaz:MissTopaz 16 4


If you have a related Sailor Moon group your welcome to join our wiglet affiliate system. All other non related Sailor Moon groups and other website affiliates please send our group a note and we will add you to our Affiliates Journal Page. Thanks!











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--Group News--
September 29, 2014
Hi Everyone, I'm still here. Not much has been happening besides adding new members and adding new art etc. I do work a full time job the week, so I do not always get back to make regular updates.  but I'm not saying I'm going to let the group die. I know some people have asked in this group and my other groups I run why having there been any contests. I simply having had the time or any new ideas for any contests. If any of the members like to host one for the group feel free to contact me and we can work something out.

Added a new link to the Links journal page.
Crystal-Tokyo (Thanks NeoSCosmos for sharing the link with us!)

That's it for now!
Journal Updated lilly-peacecraft creator/president
Lilly's Moonlight Real Girls: A BSSMLA Fanlisting|Fansite ^.^
Lilly's Tsuki Mubi: a pretty guardian music video collection ^.^
"Family of Moonlight 家の月光" ^.^
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New and active anime group! Feel free to join the fun! 
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Hey wonderful Moonies!! I'm in contest for Arda wigs and could definitely use the power of love and friendship! If anyone is interested in voting here is the link!!…

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Really happy to hear there are lots of PGSM fans! : D Poor PGSM gets so much hate for no reason! Also thank you for requesting to have my artwork put into your gallery! :heart:
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Hi, Your welcome! I still love PGSM; some of the guys that I know like it or they make fun of it in a good way :) Anyways I believe the series is coming up on its 10 Anniversary this next year in 2013. So I hope to see more cool stuff come out for it. I do know there is a new anime set for the spring-summer of 2013 for Sailor Moon because of the 20 years. There was a DVD boxset release last November (2011) for PGSM which contain all 49 episodes plus act zero and the special act. Dance Lesson sadly wasn't included in it. I wished it was.

Thanks for your comments! And if you have any thing to add to the gallery etc feel free to submit away. Keep up the awesome work.
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I know, doesn't it?? ~_~ :facepalm:

You're very welcome, though! :p
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New member! Hello!

Second watch-through, Episode 47- OH MY GOSH, so many tears....
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