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This is dedicated to everyone who's having a bad time.

Really, I know how it feels to be depressed and this isn't miraculously gonna take all your bad feelings away but if I make you feel a itty bitty little better I'm happy with that. It's already enough trust me.
It's just that there was a time in my life not so long ago when depression really took me over at the point I preferred to sleep and dream and live in my little lonley world instead of go outside and facing life (not because I was lazy but because of fear and unmotivationess). Now, that time is past but I remember that some good shows and fictional characters really helped me to get out of there. I'm not saying this in the correct way to manage through it because it's not, but it made me feel better and now I want to make you feel better.
Love, I hope you have all a wonderful day ^^

EDIT: I just want to say, I can't even express in words how knowing to have been able to give you a smile makes me happy. Really, every single comment saying even just a little thank you is the real reason because I love being an artist. I have every words of yours in my heart!
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FuntimeDinoYT1Student Traditional Artist

I'm not even going to lie but this is too good, i legit cried for real after i saw this, a couple of times, ever since I saw this game, I never got interested, now in 2020, i went back to look at this game and it started to be something different, it was one of the most emotional games I've ever seen, making it my third favorite game (FNAF, BATIM) and all of this amazing art for Undertale including this one, inspires me to become an artist just like all the other already-awsome-artists for this game and other games and to keep them from being forgotten

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I can die happy now

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Midnight-DrawzHobbyist Digital Artist
This is ju- MY HEART <3 <3!

I love this and it absolutely deserves a favorite and so much more!
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Twila-AnimationsHobbyist Digital Artist
Every time I feel sad I come back to this. This really is helping me cope. This single drawing has given me hope of stuff getting better for me in the future. I've had quite a few times where I just don't want to do anything and just stay in bed just being sad and crying. But looking at this reminds me that I had so many good times and that I have more good times to come.
Thank you so much for looking out for us!

This drawing has also given me motivation to continue my comic.
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Twila-AnimationsHobbyist Digital Artist
You have definitely given me happiness again. Some things have been going on in my life that make it seem smaller and I can’t cope with these feelings sometimes. Thank you. I just hope these feelings will go away... they aren’t just despression problems though. My great uncle had a stroke and a heart attack and my dad says he might die soon, and my oldest sister’s have moved out, so I feel a little empty sometimes. You really helped me feel very happy again.
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heh... good joke 
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UndertaleAndMlpLoverStudent Digital Artist
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UndertaleAndMlpLoverStudent Digital Artist
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NightKittyPLHobbyist General Artist
The last three ones hit me so hard! And to add the feelings I listened to "Don't deserve your love" while reading it DX T^T
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I got such feels reading these!  I'm sure they mean a lot to some peeps on here so thank you so so much for them!
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AuroraYoshiHobbyist Digital Artist
This really made me feel a lot better and I did cry a bit when I finished reading this. Thank you.
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TJackKnifeStudent Writer
*slowly closes computer and stands up*
*proceeds to punch life in the face for all the SH*T IT'S PUT ME THROUGH!!!*
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This made me stand up to life, thank you.
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This is a great comic to pick someone up when their down.😊
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DJLove345Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's so sweet!Pink Heart Icon 
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AnniethespiderHobbyist Digital Artist
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for the love of asgore, find the ninja cutting onions!
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Cureheart555Student General Artist
Sorry if this is a bad thing I'm going to say but, I feel like a depressed person who sees this is going to feel better, just saying.
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jjaydazoHobbyist Digital Artist
god dangit i cried!!! its cause i was listening to this ->…
while reading it aahhhh this made me cry for realPikachu Crying Plz Pikachu Crying Plz Pikachu Crying Plz 
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I'm not crying.
I just have something in my eye.
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bevmouseHobbyist General Artist
Dawww, this is so sweet <3
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pixsleStudent Traditional Artist
<3 this helped me a little, thx you! *Smiles at the artist*
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Kaylarge-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
hugs the artist Thank you :')
I needed that
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PokeWarHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww... Thank you Artist-Chan...
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