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Free Form Poem 2
There she goes ; running away again ; broken ; lied to ; Distroyed by her own evil sins But she still runs from the only thing that can truely save her; lord I'm here to pray for her ; lord please show her the way ; show her the power of your love ; that she still can have the love that she has been looking for; Can you hear me lord ;will you save her;save her please; Now she sits in her room crying over all the things she has done and lost; the friends she pushed away for the evil things she wanted;She trys to call someone but no one wants to be that friend; She calls all her new friends ; the ones she found while out partying; but none of them care; She trys calling her old friends but they don't carefor her anymore they say she closed that door;  She never calls the person that used to be the most important to her; used to be her best friend; but she thinks he'd never still want to be with her ;never want to see her again; she never thought i would be waiting for her to co
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Free form Poem
I know I'm not the best person; all things considered I'm probaly one of the worst.
But now i'm ready for that to change ; i want to throw away the beast that i have become and start anew ;
and become something new within you; Lord please help me to be the the person i want to be;
come lock away the sin i have found myself wallowing in; and the remove the hurt i have wrapped around me;
Even though i deserve every thing i have found myself in; i know that you would still love me till the end of it all;
It amazes me that you would save me from myself even though i shamed you and broke every chance you've geven me;
I have wasted the talents you have given me like an unthank-ful servent; and scraundered it all for my own gain;
because i was wicked i couldn't see; But now lord i'm coming back to what You've always wanted me to be; Cause only you by you grace can i be set free; only by the blood you spilled for me; you've been there for me , in thick and thin ,when i spat on your name and wh
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Fire kanji by Live-Wire Fire kanji :iconlive-wire:Live-Wire 0 0
This is... ---a poem---
This is.
This is not love.
This is not anything like love.
Love is unyielding and unconditional.
No No this. This! is the opposite of love.
No No this is lust.
Lust is Conditional, it is yeilding.
This is the worst kind of lust.
This is lust.
This is lust.
This is the kind of lust that pretends to be love.
This is lust that tricks even those pure at heart to betray them selfs.
All the while thinking what that have is true love but No.
No No this is lust.
This is not love.
This is lust.
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Destiny is Final Ch 1: part 1
Destiny is final Chapter 1
    'The lost, the lonely and the hurt'
'BANG BANG BANG '  Came 3 knocks to a, once sleeping , teenage boy 's bedroom.  "Josh Get up! Its time for you to get ready for school" came a load cry from the other side of the door. It sounds like a small girl, The teenagers 12 year old sister to be exact. 'BANG' she knocks again as she yells "JOSH COME ON"
    "OK! OK I'm up." Josh finally yells as he opens the door while still laying in his bed.
    "Finally, Josh you're such a pain to get up." she says shaking him as he closes his eyes trying to go back to sleep.
"yeah-yeah" He says sitting up in bed sleepily.
"By the way breakfast is almost ready."
"Ok, *sigh*, what time is it anyway?" Josh said looking around his room for his clock, he was still not used to his new room and for that matter the new house, when his eyes find it he yells out "Crap!" He then jum
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Destiny is Final Prolog
Destiny is final Prolog
(very short)
A cloaked figure sits on the edge of a cliff with a strange small animal sitting on their shoulder. The animal  looked like a odd colored monkey with rabbit ears. Both of them were over looking a desert, with a single road cutting through the vast waste land, leading to a tunnel that goes right to and through the mountains that are off in the distance.
The cloaked figure specks "It's time" from the voice it seams to be a woman.
The strange creature replies "So it would seem, are you sure about this plan"
"Yes. I can no longer force his powers to lay dormant, and the others will soon come for him"
    "I see."
    "I only hope he is ready for what is about to happen to him"
" Have some faith in the child, after all he is yours."
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Demon Within by bluesunlight Demon Within :iconbluesunlight:bluesunlight 1 2
Motivational Speech
Forget about all your shelters
all your faults
Look into a mirror
Deep in your eyes
Beyond the color.
And what do you see?
Can you see your potential,
the beauty that lies within
The blood that pumps to
your heart and brain.
We're all human
Live it up, learn from mistakes.
Raise your chin
and scream
:iconphsycoticloverchild:PhsycoticLoverChild 4 1
'Self Created Hell'
Please! Can anyone hear me?
Lingering fearfully in my own mind.
Each step I take is another mistake,
As I try to fool myself.
Someone that I don't recognize is who I have become,
Exhausted by this Job that is my facade.
Save Me! Save Me!
All I need is the "truth"? to set me free,
Vexed by this weakness to please everyone but me.
Eventually there won't even be a "me".
Managing these "changing faces" of mine,a desease within itsself.
Exscapes are nowhere to be found, nowhere to be seen.
Frustrated with my lack of self worth, yet I continue on.
Reality? What is that? Mine changes with each person I have met.
Over and over it plays in my head, of what would happen is the
                  truth was said.
Missing in action " from my own life .
Me? Who is that? Just another mask I have?
Yerning to be "me" without hurting all of you is dreadfully painful.
Sacrificing myself daily to be the one you need i
:iconbluesunlight:bluesunlight 1 5
Second Best 1: Drunken Dreams
"6 years, such a long time; approximately one third of our lives, and we still have yet to let him go," she sighed.
"Did you ever think we would?" her companion beside her asked stonily, as he gazed at the rushing waters below the bridge where they were standing; the same bridge that used to be the rendezvous point for the long dead team 7.
It was a long time since they had stood together on that bridge; it seemed like only yesterday they were there together complaining of Kakashi's chronic lateness with their other teammate silently propped against a tree, wordlessly mocking their antics.
Tonight, they were there, not by pre-arranged meeting, but by chance of coincidental thoughts. Not so coincidental, considering that night was the anniversary of that fateful day; the breaking of team 7.
They had been reminiscing of their past genin life together, recalling happier moments such as trying to unmask Kakashi-sensei together, passing their genin survival exams, completing mi
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Revolver by DONEfour Revolver :icondonefour:DONEfour 12 5 Shrike Light Machine Gun :2: by CanadianRuskie Shrike Light Machine Gun :2: :iconcanadianruskie:CanadianRuskie 3 2 Machine Gun by slimfadey Machine Gun :iconslimfadey:slimfadey 1 2 Unraveling Fire II boy by carts Unraveling Fire II boy :iconcarts:carts 2,425 264 Smile by UnclaimedAvatar Smile :iconunclaimedavatar:UnclaimedAvatar 5 7 Derring by Phauxe Derring :iconphauxe:Phauxe 5 0 Super Uber Trooper WIP 01 by BluntieDK Super Uber Trooper WIP 01 :iconbluntiedk:BluntieDK 182 40 Apage's Super Weapon by AxeField Apage's Super Weapon :iconaxefield:AxeField 1 9 CrimsonBlade Gun Ship by CeresRegnum CrimsonBlade Gun Ship :iconceresregnum:CeresRegnum 13 8 Nuclear Fusion Gun by REDWOOD3D Nuclear Fusion Gun :iconredwood3d:REDWOOD3D 18 3


Prisoner of my own by shimoda7 Prisoner of my own :iconshimoda7:shimoda7 94,114 8,600 Ronin by danielcross Ronin :icondanielcross:danielcross 294 60



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: On my compy
deviantWEAR sizing preference: xL
Favourite genre of music: Punk rock/alt-rock
Favourite style of art: 3D, Flash
Shell of choice: Crunchy
Wallpaper of choice: the ones i made.
Skin of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Phil from
Personal Quote: The only limit to what you can fix with duct tape is how many rolls your willing to use.
If you would like to ask me to help you with your flash art or to employ me to draw stuff for your flash animation just contact me at or at .

Sometimes if i like the idea of the flash enough i will on it for free.
Also i will do work for your flash animation if you agree to help me with one of my projects.


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