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Space Illness by SilverWolf3246, literature

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pointview by photosynthetichuman, literature

Stranger Love by loquaciouslouisa, literature

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The Fire On The Hill by ClamShellHeart, literature

Wolbachia by DrMeh, literature

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comm story Dark secret government breeding farm hi this is a pokemon story based on dark and erotic setting.the story will be divided into 3 parts.....commission for anonymous.This is a world where each trainer travels the world with their Pokemon, training, challenging gyms, becoming strong to grow their bond with their Pokemon, and then face the ultimate battle against the Pokemon League champion.An organization whose true identity is unknown, hides in the shadow of everyone and the rest of the world.The organization wants to exploit the Pokemon League for their evil plans, selling eggs to create new, super-powerful Pokemon and then manipulating the Pokemon League.At the Pokemon League they conduct experiments and for this reason, every morning material arrives in warehouses that hide strange packages, that is, strange goods that arrive from another unknown country; these packages contain a strange secret formula that is used to transform human beings into super powerful Pokemon and for this reason so much experimentation is done on them.When a human being receives this mysterious egg in his hands, a strange alarm goes off or it produces a very loud sound and immediately afterwards steam or a strange gas begins to escape which completely envelops the human being, thus breathing this substance after a while it circulates throughout the body and so after a while you begin to notice strange phenomena in your body and mind, thus phases of transformation begin in which the body manifests strange changes and then the transformation is carried out successfully.The League then, a scientist shows his experiment in which during these phases the mind begins to have both auditory and visual hallucinations and subsequently other strange mental phenomena are amplified and which cannot be explained.At the end of the transformation, some organizations and terrorist groups wanted to take it over for their evil plans; but some scientists did not agree because they did not know if the transformation had had any side effects, so some scientists wanted to cancel and cancel the experiment, at a certain point some scientists began to disobey the orders they were given, in the end they spray was sprayed on them to prevent them from fleeing and they were given orders that were given against their will.Ash travels with his partner May...In a quiet village the annual festival was in full swing.<> says Vera, << yes I'm coming, how many other shops do you have to show me around? >> Ash replies; before reaching his partner he sees a person he knows << Pikachu that's Misty, let's go and say hello to her, we haven't seen her in a long time. >> In the end Misty joins together with Ash.<> says Misty, so in the end Ash, Misty and May find a place to stay for the night.<< How strange it seemed to me that I saw a shadow, I must have been wrong. >> Ash says a little confused.<< There are only two rooms >> Ash was thinking of a solution.<> Vera replied.At that point everyone went to their rooms, but suddenly strange noises were heard in the house, coming from the kitchen...Strange footsteps approached Ash's roommates; suddenly we heard the sound of a moving vase rolling, it was almost about to fall, suddenly it was stopped by a suspicious shadow.<>……. << Ah sorry, it's just too dark that I can't see anything. >> …….. << Sshhh silence >>.Ash was woken up by the sound of the windows from the strong wind slamming, so he went into the kitchen << I really want a glass of milk, to sleep better >> said Ash, immediately afterwards he headed to his room to sleep.The two still unknown shadows were in front of the door of the two girls' bedroom, at which point Vera was woken up by the creaking of a noise; but at first she thought it was Ash, since she was still sleepy <>In that moment the girls were put to sleep with a handkerchief with some sleeping pill <The sun was rising. Ash was sleeping with Pikachu, but suddenly a strange noise was heard << crashh >> at that moment Pikachu was woken up by the noise << Pika! >> exclaimed Pikachu, who got out of bed and left the room, went through the door of the room to head into the kitchen, when he got there he found some shards of the destroyed vase, but he didn't understand how it broke; immediately afterwards he inspected the kitchen to see if everything was okay and finally went to wake up his coach…….<< Pika, Pika, Pikachu……>>Pikachu tried in every way to make him wake up, but he couldn't, so in the end he used his attack against him, which was the shock thunder that completely burned him until he woke up...<< Pikachu, what's wrong with you >> said Ash, as soon as he woke up.<< Pika, Pika... >> replied Pikachu who was very agitated and took him to the kitchen.<< Ah, the vase broke, maybe it was put in a bad way and it must have fallen accidentally >> Ash replied, heading towards the fridge to have breakfast.<< Come Pikachu, here's your breakfast, I know you like it a lot. >> Ash served breakfast to Pikachu; so he started by putting his breakfast on the table, a glass of milk and cereals << this is the best breakfast I prefer >> said Ash...After that much noise made by Pikachu and Ash, still no trace of the girls, << strange, but are Misty and May still sleeping? In a few hours we should already start going >> said Ash, while he was enjoying his breakfast, he asked Pikachu to wake them up and Pikachu was very happy to go to their room.<< Pikaaa…. >> replied Pikachu, who ran into the girls' room out of enthusiasm, but...Pikachu found himself in front of the room, opened it and suddenly found it empty, which at that point became confused as to where the girls are; maybe they went to the bathroom? Or maybe to get a breath of fresh air and some sun?So Pikachu checked the bathrooms, but nothing happened, he went into the living room, but they weren't there either, he went out of the house to call them, but no trace; at that point Pikachu went to Ash to warn him.<< Pika, Pika >> said Pikachu, he started gesturing very quickly, <> said Ash, so Pikachu took him to the girls' room, so at that point he showed Ash that the girls aren't there.<< Strange that they aren't there, yet their backpacks are still here >> said Ash who at that point started calling them << Misty, May......, where are you? >> Ash called them, but no response, at which point Pikachu noticed some strange footprints with a bit of mud and a strange handkerchief on the ground, who at that point called his trainer.<> replied Ash, who at that precise moment both understood that they had been kidnapped by someone, but it is not clear who or what...<< Pikachu we have to go, there's not a minute to waste. >> said Ash.Ash together with Pikachu went outside leaving their apartment, to head to the nearest Pokemon center……..Ash is inside a Pokemon center, where he was on a call with his mother and Professor Oak.<< Pikachu, we'll be on the line with mom soon. >> said Ash, at that moment he was very upset about the disappearance of his companions.<< Pika, Pika …….. Pikaaaa.>> Pikachu replied, he was in a hurry to go and save them.The screen turns on showing Delia Ketchum along with Professor Oak and Mr.Mime.<< Hi Ash, how is your coaching journey going? What's wrong, I see you're a little worried? >> the mother asked, seeing her son's very sad face.<< Not good, I was refueling for the trip. For now this is not the important thing. >> Ash replied.<< Pikachu, what's wrong? >> his mother asked, seeing that he was sad too.<< Mime Mime >> Mr.Mime was trying to mime something.<< Ash, have you caught any new Pokemon species? >> asked Professor Oak.<< Professor Oak, Misty and May have disappeared >> said Ash, he was very agitated.<> replied Professor Oak.Professor Oak thus begins to warn him of a strange event, that is, that an evil organization that not much is known about them, is presumed to have something to do with the disappearance of his friends, including Misty and May and that their disappearance they were last seen at the breeding ranch.Oak so sends Ash to investigate and do some investigating.Suddenly the video call signal starts to have disturbances.The signal is interrupted due to a fault, sparks and smoke begin to come out; Ash is caught by surprise after the signal is lost.Ash and Pikachu leave the Pokemon Center, then the nurses call a police officer for the car breakdown; So much smoke and sparks begin to come out that the nurse opens the windows, evacuating everyone from the building.Boooooommmm……… the building exploded Ash was thrown to the ground after the explosion because of this Pikachu was injured and a nurse came to his rescue to treat him, so Pikachu recovered in an instant.The trainer together with his Pikachu leave the Pokemon center to head to the breeding ranch.Meanwhile, in another place exactly at the Pokemon League in a secret laboratory they are conducting mysterious investigations with a strange organization that acts in the shadows. 

Virtual Game - The adventure of the divinity Max is a boy who attends computer science high school; Oliver always makes fun of him since he is an online gamer, so he considers him a full-fledged nerd. Over the weekend he dedicates himself to finishing the game he bought.A classmate shows Max a brand new game, and would like him to try playing it, he tries in every way to convince him to buy it, the game of deities where the winner will receive a cash prize.Max doesn't believe that in this game money was offered as a prize for the winner.At first he refuses, but then thinking about it, his father has some shop debts to pay.So he runs and heads to the video game store.Max enters the videogame shop, asks the sales assistant about the new game, she shows him the advertisement attached to the wall and advises him to try this game in which there are 300 thousand players online with a prize pool up for grabs.After returning home, the boy does some online research about the game; then he puts on the virtual visor to connect and enters the game, creating his virtual character and finding himself in a remote forest.In the forest he is chased by some Goblins, then he meets a semi-human girl and a Tank and so once they reach the city they are taken to a temple where they have to decipher the codes on the wall to get the power gem.They leave the city after refueling, take a Jeep Wrangler and head towards the enemy who awaits them in their trap, but once they reach the bridge, they have to face a werewolf who awaits their arrival.Max with his companions meets the enemy, who, observing the moon, transforms into a werewolf and begins to launch blows; Max jumps onto the shield with a run-up and, with the magic of the wind, launches a thrust from above and knocks down the enemy.After the battle he takes the potion to heal his life points; by accessing his information he receives a warrior emblem for defeating the werewolf, so he receives the thanks of the girl held prisoner and gives him the piece of the power gem.After defeating the werewolf and taking the gem; Max was about to return to the city, but a crow steals his gem, so he has to deal with Alex and a fight occurs; Max destroys his armor, but is shot by the enemy.The opponent thus destroys his bow, Max is at the end of his strength and his life points are about to go to zero, with the last energy in his body, he knocks down the enemy with a kick to the stomach and so Alex wins and the gem breaks in two parts.After the battle, Max becomes the winner.In the end Max disconnects from the game and his father gives him the news that he has received a letter where he has paid his debts and the shop will receive many customers, who are waiting for the is my story, if you are interested the commissions are open, so contact me in notes.#story #writing #virtualgame #virtual #game #commissionopen  

kingdom Hearts 2 (story)TwilightsShiro has the same dream lately, in which he becomes Roxas and is with friends he doesn't know.Meanwhile Roxas is with his friends Hayner, Olette and Pence, in their secret base, but Roxas also had a strange dream.Thefts have increased in the city and Roxas and his friends have been falsely accused and so the word has spread that they are the thieves.Roxas before coming he happened to all colors, that is if the inhabitants of the city will despise him.Our friends must find the culprit who framed them, to prove their innocence; before leaving Pence takes the camera, but is alarmed because he has been robbed, both he and his friends cannot pronounce the word of the missing object.Roxas together with his go to look for Saifer, Hayner gets very angry and asks where they hid their object asking Saifer and the group which was made up of Rai, Fuu and Vivi.Saifer starts taunting Roxas so he challenges him by throwing a battle at him.Saifer starts attacking first with a mace blow. Roxas takes the weapon from Saifer's hands and he loses the battle.At the end of the fight Pence takes the picture, but it is stolen by a strange being and Roxas decides to chase him; in the end he arrives in front of a haunted Villa and finds himself in front of the creature from before which seems to have some connection with him….Roxas starts attacking him with his mace but fails to hit him so he is surrounded by other creatures.IntrudersRoxas is backed against the wall, so he starts a fight then runs away but is captured, forming a cage of monsters, a strange vortex appears behind him, but when he is in trouble, the mace turns into a strange key and that is the keyblade and so he defeats his enemies who at the end of the battle turn into photographs, the key disappears and returns to his friends bringing back the missing object they were looking for and it was their photograph and it was the word they could not to pronounce.So Pence notices that Roxas is always depicted in all the photos and so they try to figure out who the thief is, the bells ring because it's getting late and Roxas goes back to his house, but collapses due to the heat.Meanwhile Diz together with a mysterious man try to protect Roxas from the XIII organization, it seems that Axel who is the eighth member seems to be hunting him.Meanwhile Roxas passed out and starts having strange dreams in which Riku appears and speaks of a dark world, of the doors that have been opened and of the enemies that are hunting him and the Keyblade is mentioned; but at the sound of a bell he wakes up finding himself in his room so he goes out for a walk, takes a stick to make the key appear but it doesn't work so he throws it away.I took the first two chapters of the manga, if you want the continuation leave a comment.To be continued ......... 

A summer sex in a Love Hotels Mei and Fuji are childhood friends, so by change they meet on the street.Fuji: << Come with me to America!>> He wants to become an actor and as his manager he chose none other than his childood friend Mei.Mei at the Age of 21 decided to accept his friend's offer and help him realize his dream, so he could be by his side. So they leave Japan to go to America, now after nine years both are thirty.......Fuji is interviewed in a television program, where he talks about his acting debut in the film playing the role of a super hero, where he saying that he wanted to do it from an early age and so he enjyed acting a lot.Fuji and Mei now live together. Fuji has a lot of interviews to do for the film, so he decided to take some time off......Mei arrives in the car to pick him up.Mei compliments Fuji, after the interview they were about to go back to their apartment but......Mei: << Is there a place you would like to visit before going home? >>Fuji: << I want to visit a Love Hotels. >>Mei gets very allarmed.......Mei: << Wat did you say!? >>Wile Mei drives behind the wheel, Fuji chooses the hotel venue to go to, but Mei didn't agree before.......Mei: << Explain to me why you want to go to a Love Hotel and with me? >>So after having come a long way, they finally arrive in a Love Hotel.In a normal hotel but Mei felt embarssed.In this room there was a double bed and also a bathroom, so Mei was curious that he went to see how it was done.........Mei: << The bathroom is very large and there is also a sauna. >>There were also some strange objects such as a plastic mat and special bags.Fuji joins Mei in the bathroom holding out his hand to get uo, but Mei was opening the sachets not knowing what they were.Fuji: << Mei come here. >> Mei: << What are they? >>Fuji grabs Mei in a hugFuji: << Mei lend me your body for a while. >>Fuji so picks him up and takes him with him passionately and starts unbuttoning his shirt collar.Mei: << Right now I'm being kissed by Fuji.>>Fuji starts talking off his shirt; but Mei doesn't know what to do now and would like to push him away, Fuji starts to unbutton his trousers.Fuji: << You don't like Mei? >>So they both look at each other and after taking Mei's pants off he is give lotion, so that Fuji can insert his fingers very easily.Fuji: << Tell me where you like best. >>Mei: << If you touch me I will come for sure. >>Fuji: << Damn has anyone else done this with you before? >>So Mei makes a very strange face Fuji: << I never thought I'd see you make such an erotic face. >>So Fuji starts to penetrate inside himMei: << Fuji what are you doing >>Fuji: << I wanted to take this vacation because I wanted to do it with you, Mei. >>Fuji: << Get ready......>>So Fuji starts to penetrate him deeply.Mei: << I'm coming......>>After a long night of sex in a Love Hotels mei falls asleep.......