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WOR || Fall Equinox

This entry cannot be used for CP except by Livard and EternaIIyGold !!

​When the seasons change and the leaves begin to fall, it’s said that a Vayron with the power of the forest itself roams the land and ushers in the new season. Many have taken to trying to get a glimpse of such a creature, only to spend weeks in the forest with nothing to show for it. Trailing behind it is a trail of brown and orange leaves, and it often disguises itself amongst the many leaf piles or the naked trees and brushes, shy of those who seek to find it.
- Depict your Reosean searching for, or stumbling upon Equinox in the ever changing forests.

Collab between myself and EternaIIyGold ! I did the BG and they added the beautiful characters ;o; 

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Psst I see the message above, but I figured I'd ask anyways just in case! o: Is it okay if I use this gorgeous art piece in Equinox's tracker? <3

She's going to have an ingin once she's uploaded which can give ya a +2 CP bonus!


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We'd prefer if you did not!

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Okay! ^v^ I understand!!

I wanted to know if it's okay if I still log the *art* but not use it as CP? Again, totally chill if not, - it looks great and you guys collab awesome together!

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I'd prefer if you just left it out entirely, otherwise it could get confusing ;o;