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Golden Heroes Catching Up

This past weekend GeekCore was held for the 2nd time and I participated for the 1st time. It is a rather small convention and I ended up only wearing cosplay one day - but it was an incredible time (pun intended)! Peter mentioned about a month ago that he was THIS close to making Frozone and I gently - that is, violently - pushed him over the edge. We hung around a bit, keeping watch and making sure the premises were safe ;)
This week I'm super busy, but when I get back from MCM London next week I'll probably try my hand at some frozen effects for Peter... :D

Series: The Incredibles (belongs to Disney Pixar)
Characters: Myself as Elastigirl and Peter Gomez as Frozone
Photographer: :icongwan-chan:

Costumes made and worn by ourselves.

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I love elastigirl and the incredibles! :la: you both look great here, and you fit the role really well. You look just like her :D
Liv-is-alive's avatar
It was great to have someone to interact with :D posing alone is always more difficult!
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I can imagine it must be tough to do that! At least you can play off each other when you're with someone else. I guess when you're posing alone it makes you more self conscious? I know I would be!
Liv-is-alive's avatar
No, not really. It's just a different dynamic :D
Trueform's avatar
And that right there is why I'm not the cosplayer ;p
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Still waiting on Disney to let Marvel do some books on these characters. Love to read. Great Job both of you.

Oh and offtopic have you seen the Digimon 15 anniversary image going around?
Liv-is-alive's avatar
They have a lot of Incredibles comics - from Dark Horse if I remember correctly? :)
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awesome awesome cosplays!
Liv-is-alive's avatar
Such a COOL guy ;) (get it?? ahha)
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This is awesome, you both look incredible! Wonderful work! Clap 
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Just hanging out ;) Thanks!
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