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January 24, 2011
Blur by ~poisondlo Suggester says: "It's as if :devpoisondlo: freezes what is happening in Blur! The blurs keep the focus on the subject yet achieves sense of motion. The details and textures are crisp! And the character's glance makes the viewer wonder what will happen next, perhaps she is in a chase! Don't forget the "thing" on the right with those eyes, as that's how the viewer would have felt if they saw an action chase sequence like this!"
Featured by MacRebisz
Suggested by phoenixleo
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So I finally got something to post. xD

Merry Christmas guys.
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FotoSonny's avatar
The Action, great!
gelimo's avatar
O.o Im like the speed effect!!
great picture
foxfirerider343's avatar
tht is so cool why cant the world be more like this?!?!?!?
neil78b's avatar
I was just thinking the same.
Czardom's avatar

btw, do you consider the flying thing on the lower right a biological object?it has eyes and doesnt appear metallic..
pstaight's avatar
I guess the cable for the break is inside the handle bar. Is the handle bar just for holding on or can you steer with it?
sheryl0523's avatar
very nice work! :)
JCSArtCan's avatar
Very noce. I like the sense of movement. Keeping the driver clean is a great way to draw attention to your focus point. Great way to draw the eye! Love the expression on the "flying fish".
Happy-Vamil's avatar
Wow that actually makes me feel dizzy. Great details!
almeriopamplona's avatar
Spectacular work, the colours, texture, the movement, all is perfect.
JJThornton's avatar
You have an amazing sense of depth and perspective.
awcook333's avatar
The movement and detail are amazing!
spawnedagony's avatar
Very nice. i like the blur effect. may i favorite this?
jacin-tatt's avatar
You don't need to ask to favourite stuff lol
RZales's avatar
I like it what program did you use?
Yarbro's avatar
That is just beautiful! Congrats on the DD!
Is that a blue flying pacman in the lower right corner?
Such detail! :jawdrop:
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