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robot fight
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can i use this for my website?
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I want me one o' those.
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i know this is going to seem silly, but hey, if i dont ask i will never know, what programe did you use on this piece please ? i am really intrested in digital art, and just starting out , i dont have much knowledge of how to do it or anything, could you give me advice doing it please? and recommend any books and dvds that can also help me plz? i have photoshop cs4 if that helps, thank you, crease x
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Two thumbs up for big clunky mechs. I've had enough of those metrosexual mechs Japan has been throwing at us.
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I cant agree more. wonderfully dynamic piece as well !
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Whoa! Dude! You have that whole loose-but-just-enough-detail, Craig Mullins look goin on. Nice
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niiiice!!! cool scene, cool drawing, cool weapons...

just great!
how long did you work on this one?

oh... fav! :)
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I'd love to see a screen video capture of you making one of these.
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this is fucking insane!! :jawdrop: :eyepopping:
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Stop saying robot battle!


I'm a liiiiitle bit with jis though.
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sorry i don't like this.
There's a lack of motion in my opinion. I think like there's something missing to show the power of the impact. The effects you used look like the movement is fast and that the arm is really lightweighted (there is no transmission of the momentum to the rest of the body). Perhaps this is some kind of choice of yours but that's only what I thought on the first view. The frame is also too large perhaps etc... but I won't say anything more because I'm far from being good in any of these things. Just wanted to point it out and because I really like your previous work.
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Sorry, just had to do it. :D
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You know i LOVE how you blend your colors with that brush. I'm trying to learn that. were you on 8 bit 16 or 32 bit mode?
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simply love this! :love:
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reminds me of armored core.
i second that
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