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Hiro Hamada and Tadashi Hamada Cosplay

By liui-aquino
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"Hiro, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your P-PAIN?"

♡ (´///艸///`) ~Hmmm... 10?!

Collaboration with
Sylvester Sy(Photographer) and
Sabrina Schmitt Art & Design (Background)
Cosplay by Liui & Liui ~haha

(Shout out to Sabrina Schmitt, SUPER AWESOME BACKGROUND! Very detailed asdfghjkl!!! Thank you sooooo much!)




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I uhh I... hmmmm.... I need Tadashi in my bed like pronto. <3 <3
SyafiqHamada's avatar
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hmm..  maybe thats why they were shirtless because you don't have any of them shirts? :1
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That's a very accurate cosplay. Hot too!
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oh my ..... GOD hiro looks hot eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorry but hiro is my bea
Wrath-MarionPhauna's avatar
this is so magical Confused 
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*Nose exploded* Can someone pass me a tissue? Tadashi is too hot
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Nosebleed  sorry frand, I ran out. Used too many thanks to these darn cosplay photos.
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Your Hiro is good but your Tadashi is so SPOT ON. Like, if they ever try a live action, they NEED to get you!
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Very impressive.
Chance-Bra-Nectar's avatar
big hero 6 and puss and boots are my two favorites to watch while drinking chai tea with anise.
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same! especially big hero 6 and chai teala in love 
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Aww, I love that movie.......great cosplay!
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Haha... It's kinda cool. xD
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I'd like to see the burned version of tadashi lmao :D
exceld's avatar…

found one! :D Why all these arts in google images drew tadashi like two faces in batman lmao
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It's like Prince Zuko on steroids.
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HAAHAA omg 😂😂😂
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