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The werewolf's redemption

UDON---"World of Warcraft Tribute"
(this way, people can find out about the book and even buy their own copy if they want!)
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Wow, so beautiful and mighty!
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dammit Worgens.
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Oh God! It's simply amazing! I love it!
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Need more of THIS
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What gear is this mostly based off of? or is it all custom? I really wanna try to transmog it ^^
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amg he's lovely<3

I just wanna hug him

nothing can make a worgen look evil

they are just naturally cute:D

if blizz really tried to make them look angry

then they failedSquee! 
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The Light in Warcraft is not Christian, so the crosses don't make sense. Also, crosses are as offensive as swastikas because the religion is one of hate and the goal of Christians is to bring suffering to others.
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Eeeehhh! Wrong!

In Warcraft II, the temple of Light had a cross on it! Don't hate!
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what's that thing on it's head? why is one of it's paws so small and panda or baby panther like? other than that its nice but the snout doesn't really fit the face
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dat paw is 4 reading lolz
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Christian Werewolves!  That is really awesome.  :-)

Dominus tecum
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Worgen Priest! So cool!
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Wow, outstanding! love the aspect and the amount of details.
He. Looks. AWESOME! :D
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EEEEpic Worgen right there! My favorite race! Love the vicious look too!
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" Please don't be terrified by my lupine appearance, I'm just here to talk to you about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. "


On a more serious note, this is the coolest piece I've seen in weeks. It reminds me of the legend of the "Hounds of God", a group of Christian werewolves that descended into hell to do battle with demons and witches. It's an interesting reversal of most medieval werewolf stories, where they always seem to be in league with the Devil.



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This is too gorgeous! <3
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Wow, this took my breath away!
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