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Shijin Rangers

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The Shijin are four guardian creatures/gods in Japanese myth (brought from China) and by a series of coincidences, Tommy Oliver's rangers match these four (except Red Turbo ranger).

Genbo (black turtle-snake) guards the north and represents winter, Seiryu (azure dragon) guards the east and represents spring, Suzaku (vermilion bird) guards south-summer, Byakko (white tiger) west-fall. I used different plants in the design to represent the seasons and the kanji characters translate to the names of the gods. I added the evil Lord Drakkon from the comics at the center as the fifth god Oryu which represents void.…

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Wow, this wasn’t even intentional.
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Hello sorry to bother you my brother has been in love with this design and would love permission to get it as a back price tattoo but would love your permission to do so.

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He'll be getting the tattoo or doing it on others?

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He will be getting it he’s a Tommy cosplayer
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Sure thing. Hope it ends up really nice and I get to see it. Thanks for the heads up. :)

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Thank you so much :) I will send a photo once he does it
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Una leyenda sin duda alguna
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You are welcome uwu
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Very awesome 
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miss the old tv show ;C
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I love Super Sentai!
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Fantastic work! And good eye spotting how Tommy's various Ranger forms correspond to those guardian animals.
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Talk about a coincidence. Nice job BTW.
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