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Bats VS Clowns

By liu-psypher
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The fighting game of caped crusaders and clown princes of crime! Was suppose to do only 50 characters similar to my other design Spiders VS Symbiotes but realized there were so many popular takes on other media that I had to add more.

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List of characters featured:
1. Lego Batman
2. Lego Joker
3. '60s Batman [Adam West]
4. '60s Batman's Joker [Cesar Romero]
5. Nolanverse Batman [Christian Bale]
6. Nolanverse Joker [Heath Ledger]
7. The Batman [Robert Pattinson]
8. Arthur Fleck [Joaquin Phoenix]
9. Burtonverse Batman [Michael Keaton]
10. Burtonverse Joker [Jack Nicholson]
11. Proto-Batman [David Mazouz]
12. Jerome Valeska [Cameron Monaghan]
13. Snyderverse Batman [Ben Affleck]
14. Snyderverse Joker [Jared Leto]
15. Batmite
16. Jokermite (Batman TBATB)
17. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
18. The Comedian/ The Killing Joke Joker
19. Batman TAS [Kevin Conroy]
20. Batman TAS's Joker [Mark Hamill]
21. Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis)
22. Joker from Batman Beyond (Tim Drake/Joker)
23. First Appearance Batman
24. The Criminal/ Golden Age Joker
25. Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne)
26. Flashpoint Joker (Martha Wayne)
27. Batwoman (Kate Kane)
28. Joker's Daughter (Duela Dent)
29. Battle for the Cowl Batman (Jason Todd)
30. The Clown/ A Death in the Family Joker
31. Soviet Batman
32. Bianca Steeplechase
33. Speeding Bullets Batman (Kal-El)
34. Speeding Bullets Joker (Lex Luthor)
35. Dark Knight Returns Batman
36. Dark Knight Returns Joker
37. Batmouse
38. The Porker
39. Red Hood (Joker)
40. Arkhamverse Batman
41. Arkhamverse Joker
42. Gaslight Batman
43. Gaslight Joker
44. Vampire Batman
45. Cult Leader Joker
46. Captain Leatherwing
47. The Laughing Man
48. Dark Claw
49. Hyena
50. Batman in Bethlehem (Damian Wayne)
51. New Joker (Dick Grayson)
52. Batman Ninja
53. Shogun Joker
54. Azrael
55. Death of the Family Joker
56. Green Lantern Batman
57. Sinestro Joker
58. Owlman
59. Jokester
60. Batman Who Laughs
61. Emperor Joker
62. Barbatos/ Bat God
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The best are definitely Heath and Christian
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Wow! You even included Batmouse and The Porker from Earth C-Minus!

Color me impressed!

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Wait... whose Barbatos?

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Why do Batwoman & Batgirl count when there are female batmen?

I mean Batgirl could support her own seperate poster.

Here's some more batman & Jokers

Damian Wayne (tiny) Batman

Telltale's Young Batman

Telltale's Friendly Joker

Bryce Wayne - Batman Earth 11 (a real female batman)

(infact dark universe has many alternate batmans)

Castle of the Bat - Bat-Man; Thomas Wayne Flesh Golem.

Dark Universe Batmans;

- The Red Death

- Murder Machine

- Dawnbreaker (1 of the green lantern batmans)

- The Merciless

- The Devastator

Do alternate versions of the same character count?




Brawn Joker (The Batman)

Titan Joker (Arkham games)

I have n doubt there is more.

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I included Batgirl at Batwoman because of how popular and recognizable they are, plus I already have a Spidergirl and Spiderwoman in the other design so there's sort of a trend. I also prioritized alternate versions of Batman that are popular, appeared multiple times in various media, and/or have an alternate Joker to be paired with. Batman who laughs is the most popular one in the Dark Universe. If there was a Prehistoric Joker, I would include Cavebatman of course, also Earth-11 versions. Pirate and Noir (Gaslight) Batmen are in the design. Wish I could include even more versions but I settled with these 62 based on my research on them and personal picks. Here are some versions that I was sad not to include:

-Injustice Batman vs Injustice Joker

-Nipple Batman (George Clooney) vs Jeremiah Valeska

-Batwing vs Futures End Joker

-Teen Titans Go Batman vs TTG Joker

-Zur En Ahh Batsy vs Jack Napier

-Bathound vs Bud and Lou

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If Bathound is vs Bud & Lou

I think he should have back up.... e.g. Batcow so it 2 v 2

I'm not mentioning Ace (batman beyond).

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lol. I have to agree with Batcow! :D

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2 Hyena vs 1 Dog in mortal combat, I'd assume the Dog would be killed.... It's possible (not gonna guess how likely) a smart and strong dog could kill 1 of the pair but you can't attack 1 and defend from another at the same time.

Also Hyena's are famous for bone crushing bite force, which would easily handle the Lithe frame of a dog.

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No Rino Romano?

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Very cool work :dummy: .

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Nightwing has become Joker ? So that, I did not expect.

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Batman just needs the Joker. They can't be seperated!

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I'd have had Owlman on the Joker's side and Jokester on the Batmen's side given that Jokester is a hero and Owlman a villain, but either way I love what you've done here.

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This would be freaking amazing to play.

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I see you remember Owlman & Jokester.

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