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By Lityrden
You want pretty picture and I’m hungry so let’s make a deal!

100 points = $1.00 USD

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(Note that I won't be using lined paper for actual commissions.)
Check out my gallery for a better idea of how I draw. My style is pretty flexible so don't be afraid to ask for something specific.
OC-The Not so Lucky Cat by Lityrden  BLACK BUTLER-Snake by Lityrden  1 by Lityrden  2 by Lityrden  SWEET:Roro Lollipop Bunny by Lityrden SWEET/SOUR TRIO: Fresa, Felipe, and Manolito by Lityrden 

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    Head shot:$1.50/150Points (Colored)
    Full body:$2.00/200Points (Colored) 

Normal Characters:

Depending on the size, drawing detail varies…
   little star  Sketchbook Size (small):
    Head shot:$8.00/800Points (Colored)
    Bust:$8.20/820Points (Colored)
    Fullbody:$8.50/850Points (Colored)

   little star  Computer Paper Size (medium):

    Head shot:$15.00/1500Points (Colored)
    Bust:$15.20/1520Points (Colored)
    Fullbody:$15.50/1550Points (Colored)
Note: Adding another character or a background is $1.00 extra.
          If you want line art, send me a message.

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* I'll start the commission once I am paid first. 
* Payment is depending on how much detail is on the character and size.
* You'll get the drawing without watermarks! ^U^
* I accept payment with paypal or points.
* I draw traditionally so bear with me for the timing if it does take a while.
* You may NOT use the picture for BUSINESS OR PROFITABLE USE. I WILL HUNT YOU!

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Green Tick  Furry or Human? ANYTHING buddy…
Green Tick Original Characters? Sure… I’ll draw your sweetie.
Green Tick Fanart? Yep.
Green Tick Crack *Kidding* Chibis

Bullet; Yellow Complicated designs
Bullet; Yellow Couples
Bullet; Yellow Nips, Abs, and Cleavage~

F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 Nada. Surprise me with a challenge… (Except nudity or porn~ NASTY)

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Type of Commission: (please fill out a different form for every order)
Character Personality: (keep it brief)
Character References: (any fullbody image works)
Additional Details: (anything specific that you want in your order)

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Thank you for taking an interest in my commissions!
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