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anti-coke poster

By littlexb
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this is an anti-coke poster
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576x864px 39.44 KB
Canon EOS 10D
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
112 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 26, 2004, 4:07:50 AM
© 2004 - 2021 littlexb
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anamarellano's avatar
looksawesome's avatar
I would inject myself with that
Sekhmet-Ra-Ptah's avatar
Owee! * soda is very very very bad for u *
infamous7iceboysfire's avatar
Is this the new coke crystal extract stabs in arm I see god and he taste sweet dose some one has. Slice of pizza to dry this down cause caus god is way to much sugar
Goodlyman100's avatar
This makes me thirsty for more coke. I think ll buy a refreshing can right now
Dakkiller's avatar
CocaCola in a needleXD
Videogeek95's avatar
...This is probably just my ignorance showing... But isn't coke supposed to be just a snorting drug? Isn't it a bit dangerous to inject pure cocane into the system?

...Wait... Scratch that... I just remembered Sherlock Holmes...
god2000zilla's avatar
No coke is good for you LOL :D
MInecraftianGuy3's avatar
Why thank you! *Stabs self with syringe* AHHHH. So refreshing! :D
i like it.
but i'm not a Anti-coker
ZombieBen's avatar
-Pulls syringe from eye- What?
raexie's avatar
May I use this for a non-commercial science project? I will definitely credit you for this wonderful piece of work!

RazorTheDragon's avatar
Bluefirefan45's avatar
I love coke but I am not obessed with it
NUTELLA-CAT's avatar
my mome drinks cococola... i mean like the actual soda... like its a drug or something... like 3 cans a day..
Voigtlander's avatar
I dunno if it is anti coke... my coke addicted friend would probably go like :icontakemymoneyplz:
LMR-2193's avatar
Awesome i use it to make a Pepsi's Advertising [link]
flamestar13's avatar
I love coke but I think it looks cool so I faved it.
hoerk's avatar
to me, this looks like fan art. like you love coke so much that you want to mainline it. the message in this picture is unclear, but from a technical standpoint, it's a nice piece of work.
LittleNudibranch's avatar
At last, someone who doesn't like coke.
They used coke to clean bloodstains at crimscenes.
And don't get me started on the food coloring.
freqhack's avatar
I'd love you to do a red-bull version of this :)
DiabolaExMachina's avatar
...I take it you like Pepsi.
Rusted-Dreams's avatar
This is stunning. Metaphorical and actual symbolism are second to none!
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