I need play-testers for my visual novel (filled)

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Edit: Lots of volunteers appeared! I have enough for now, but I will keep the the rest in queue and let you know if I need another round of testing. Thank you to everyone!



I want a couple of people to play my visual novel and tell me what they think. The game is finished, and I'm mainly curious whether the length is good or whether people would like the story to be a little bit longer.

Please volunteer if you like the following terms:

1. You will have time to play the game and give me feedback by the end of November, that is, in the next couple of days. The game is short, less than 1 hour to play. +Bonus thanks if you can play it today and tell me what you think right away!
2. You will get the game and any future updates for free (the normal price will be around 5$)

I'm doing this on a quick schedule since I have a tendency to drag things out. This time I want to get feedback fast, publish fast, and then immediately start a new project with the same great energy and momentum.

You can play on PC, Mac or Linux.

I will take the first four or so volunteers. Send me a message if you want in! ^^

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Hello :)
If you want one more in queue I'm here Swedish Hi Swedish Hi 
I also have some years in testing games for a site that I can mention you if you want.
Hope your visual novel will be great, and I can't wait to find out
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I know some things about game design, especially narrative and UX/UI. I can play it and write up some bullet-points and expand on them today.
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Thank you! I got a surprising avalanche of play-testers, and I think we got this one finished. But I'll announce again when it's time to test another project. If I can figure out how to market and sell this game, I'd be excited to make another one ^^
I will happily give this a try, assuming my pc specs are enough to run it?
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I would like to assist as well
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Hi LittleViktoria
If you are still looking for a volunteer, I would love to have a look at your Visual Novel.
I understand you want feedback quickly.
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