Commission guide and price list ^^

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Commissions: Open

Payment through Patreon (details below)

What I'll happily draw:

  • Girls and women
  • Humans, fairies, elves, angels, devils and demons, animal-inspired girls and other human-like creatures
  • Anything from individual characters, to friends, to girls holding hands, to dancing, to kissing, to fondling, to implied love making, to explicit love making (including all kinds of delicious things, if you like) ^^
  • Nude, clothed or anything lovely in between
  • Girls arguing or fighting is fine too, especially if it leads to make-up kissing

What I don't draw:

  • Males in any intimate situation with women
  • Non-humanoid creatures doing anything intimate (but animal ears, tails and some body hair is OK, and obviously background cats and birds and other critters in the picture are fine)
  • Undead things, substance use or other negative energies
  • Cruelty, heavy bondage, fetish equipment or non-consent violence (but rough play with consent is OK)
  • Unnatural or contorted facial expressions
  • Blood, aside from non-graphic wounds inflicted in some noble battle

Other notes:

Final picture resolution will be at least 4000 px+ on the longest side. You will get it in full-quality, full-resolution PNG format, as well as a full-resolution and high-quality JPG.

If the picture has sexual content, I will draw all characters to look 18 years of age or older. This means they will have (young) adult proportions and features. Petite girls and flat chests are okay, but not obvious children. This applies to sexual pictures only - If the picture has no sexual tone, I will be happy to draw children as well.

If you like, I can leave the background transparent or white. This way you can use your picture for avatars and such.

I reserve the right to decline a commission.

If you need commercial work with distribution rights, ask me! Otherwise I keep all distribution and modification rights to the work, and I decide how, where and whether I publish it.  You're free to post and display the commission anywhere non-commercially, of course!

I'll give batch discounts for commercial work. If you need characters for visual novels, for example, it's fairly easy for me to do a series of pictures of characters with various facial expressions and clothing (or lack of clothing). Series like this become obviously much cheaper per picture than individual picture commissions.

For anything not on the list, ask me! :)

The commission process

...which may change, evolve and improve as I work with you:

1. Ask me to reserve a commission slot for you

Send me a note here on DeviantArt, or an email to love.little.viktoria at with a general description of what you would like me to draw. 

I will confirm and you will now have a commission slot reserved for you ^^

I will quote the price, after asking a few more details if necessary.

2. Send payment 

Individual commissions are paid through Patreon. It is simple and fast, and I will guide you through it.

For commercial contract work, PayPal or a bank transfer can be used.

I charge full payment up front and then I do my absolute best to draw a picture that you love and enjoy! I would like nothing more than to break through to a new level of skill working on your commission.

3. Send any reference pictures that you would like me to use for inspiration, and list any additional details you want in the picture.

I suggest that you describe all the main elements that you want, and to leave part of the details to my imagination.

Reference pictures can be: 
  • characters (either the exact characters for the commission, or characters you want me to use for inspiration)
  • poses and settings
  • colours, lighting, moods and atmosphere
  • details of clothes, objects and backgrounds.

4. I will draw a sketch or couple of sketches, show them to you, and you can comment.

At this point, changes to the picture are still possible within reason, and we will work on it so that it fits your vision.

5. I will do my magic on the picture.

I will consult you often during the process, so that we get a great picture.

When the commission is ready, I'll send send it to you in full resolution PNG and JPG (or any combination that you like).

My work on the commission may take a few weeks depending on my schedule, but it might also happen a lot faster!

Price list with example pictures

Simple pictures are quicker to make and cost less. Complex and very polished pictures take several days and cost more.

These things require additional work and raise the price:
  • More characters in the picture
  • Detailed clothes and hairstyles
  • Detailed backgrounds
  • Complex poses
  • Intricate colouring, lighting and shading
For simplicity, I've chosen price tiers and given example pictures.

Take a look and see if you find something you like. Then send me a note, or email me at love.little.viktoria at, and I will give you a price quote ^^

Note: These are current prices and they are likely to change with time.


Basic colouring, a simple pose and a simple background.

Nothing Special Girl by LittleViktoria


A little more detail, or a bit more polish and magic on the lineart and colouring. A picture of two very simple characters would go here as well.

Mature Content

Beauty by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

How to Drive Your Sister Crazy by LittleViktoria
What the Future Brings by LittleViktoria


Two characters with more detail and polish, or more complex poses and situations, or one rather detailed and complex character.

Adorable Secret Agents by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

I Can't Wear This by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

Can You Help Me With This? by LittleViktoria
Sexy Little Fairy by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

So Much For Working Today by LittleViktoria
Taking Her Home by LittleViktoria


More detailed backgrounds (these easily take more work than the characters), more intricate lighting and colouring, or more complex poses, or more than two characters.

Mature Content

A Beautiful View by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

A Little Negotiation by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

Biology Class by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

How to Seduce Her Without Even Trying by LittleViktoria
Caught a Cute Girl by LittleViktoria

175$ and up

Intricate backgrounds, multiple characters, complex poses, highly detailed things ^^

Mature Content

Can't Hold It Any Longer ~ Colour version by LittleViktoria
Playing in the Stream by LittleViktoria A Shower in the Garden by LittleViktoria

Mature Content

Gorgeous Little Adventurers by LittleViktoria
I Like to Watch You Undress by LittleViktoria

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Hi, just sending you a message to ask if you knew about this game and if you agreed with them making money off of your pieces…
LittleViktoria's avatar
Hi! Another person brought the same game to my attention. I just don't know what to do about that. Steam has a copyright infringement form, but that form says that my personal information as the copyright owner can all be delivered to the offending party.

I'm making my art under a pen name for the reason that I don't want my relatives and acquaintances to find my more erotic creations on Google by searching for my name. It feels a bit risky to freely deliver that name to someone who doesn't have a problem abusing my art.

Do you have any idea how to report the copyright infringement to Steam without making my real name public?
You could always use a middle man that you can trust
Yitsul's avatar
may I ask about 2 fetishes? I want to know if you draw them or not
LittleViktoria's avatar
Yitsul's avatar
Do you draw pee?
Do you draw lactation?
LittleViktoria's avatar
Yes! ^^

And sorry for the late reply, I was away from my computer ^^
Yitsul's avatar
XXFanXofX4869XX's avatar fairly high. >.<

I'll need to wait for now, but I'm happy you opened up for commissions! 
LittleViktoria's avatar
I'm still hesitating on the prices, actually. After DeviantArt's fees and taxes, it ends up being not so much for the amount of work, but I lowered the prices somewhat from my original draft and I will do a few commissions like this. Let's see how it ends up being.

Do you think I should offer a "rough drawing" option as well? Those are pretty fun, I haven't posted any such things but they're quick to make. I'll find one or make one and post it, let's see what you think. I could offer something like that for quite a bit less, and the difference would simply be the level of polish... which in many cases actually makes the rough drawings more lively.
XXFanXofX4869XX's avatar
Well, from my personal experiences, it depends on you. Most artists I know charge higher prices because it's their sole or primary source of income, while others charge less since it's justa hobby. 

That said, for your skill level, your prices aren't unreasonable. But I do think it would work better if you offered discounts or price boosts for certain requests - for example, charging more for anime or game characters as opposed to OCs. 

Honestly, I don't know your needs so I can't really say much else. 
LittleViktoria's avatar
I reworked the price list. I'll do a few commissions with these prices, see how much work it takes me, and then update the prices accordingly.
XXFanXofX4869XX's avatar
Yay! That's how its done! :la:
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