A Beautiful Ride to Carlisle is out, go get it!

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My first visual novel is finished, thoroughly tested (the testers loved it) and out ^^

Go get it here: littleviktoria.itch.io/a-beaut…

I'm also running two launch discounts for you:
- Get -40% off (the visual novel for 3$) by pledging 1$ on my Patreon, or
- Get -100% off (the visual novel for free!) for pledging 10$ on my Patreon.

A 10$ pledge, of course, also gives you access to all my exclusive content (note: some is very sexy and 18+) ^^

Both of these offers are valid through December 2018. When you pledge, I will send you the discount code.
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Spartan30000's avatar
Wish I could, but I'll be content to just appreciate your adorable art. TwT
Ultamisia's avatar
Congratz!! Im surprised this isn’t up on steam :O
LittleViktoria's avatar
Thank you!

I'll see how it goes, and put it on Steam later. It's my first launch so I want to do it gradually. 
Ultamisia's avatar
yeah that's fair :D
XXFanXofX4869XX's avatar
Does the base game have the 18+ content? Or is there a separate patch you have to download?
LittleViktoria's avatar
Hihi, this game is safe for all, no 18+ content ^^

If it sells, there will be 18+ ones too. 
XXFanXofX4869XX's avatar
Aw, nuts. But I do like a good story....okies, I'll check it out!
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