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I'm not sure how it happened but I'm glad it did.

A compilation of WTNV sketches I've posted recently on my tumblr, I can't get enough of these two, aasfdgh.

Cecil and Carlos (c) Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor let me kiss your feet


Fot those who don't know what Welcome to Night Vale is go here…
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Piranha2814Hobbyist General Artist
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ThanksFrThMmrsStudent Digital Artist
I mother flipping love your designs, it’s so cute and beautiful much like the characters themselves 
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My friends just showed Cecil and Carlos to me! Ahhhhhhh obsessed now! 
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There are no words for the joy this has brought me- thank you!
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they are so beautiful holyy
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OutOfMyWayImGermanHobbyist Digital Artist
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pr0llyashHobbyist Artist
This made me so happy.
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SailanceRowHobbyist Digital Artist
"'s gunna eat my dog...I don't even have a me cecil...cecil..."
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enchantedsleeperHobbyist Photographer
Fun fact, my friend who is really into Night Vale linked me to this fanart of yours before I'd even started listening to the podcast xD So I got a really funny (and pretty much accurate) idea of what Cecil and Carlos' relationship was like without even listening to the show xD

Art like this is what made me want to listen to Night Vale! So thank you for turning me into a fan ^o^
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great arts!
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GASullivProfessional Digital Artist
god its so friggin cute jesus just all of it. Your Cecil...i cannot
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SiJePuisStudent Filmographer
I started listening a week ago, and Night Vale is officially my new obsession. ^^

Your depictions are some of my all time favorites--they have so much life and warmth. I also really like how you draw them as being somewhat older, because a lot of people draw them really young. Which is fine, but this is pretty refreshing. 

Plus, the eerieness of your Cecil is pretty understated, in a nice way. That's cool. :)
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AnmlBriHobbyist General Artist
My love! It overflows! <3
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ftsoulHobbyist General Artist
saints row purple
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I love your style, and they're so cute~~~!!!!:happybounce:
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Hi there !
I just wanted to point out how one of your WTNV drawings was made a thumbnail on Spotify's website: Spotify Screenshot
The picture that they used:…
It was used as a playlist called "Discover Weekly", the photo recolored to go with it. 
And I was just bringing it up, just in case they used the drawing without your permission!
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HariamArtHobbyist General Artist
Twoje prace zawsze mnie uspokajają i dają zastrzyk weny.
Dzięki temu dumpowi zaczęłam słuchać WTNV i z miejsca się zakochałam.
A Twoje przedstawienie Cecila i Carlosa jest wprost idealne.
Cecil jest taki śliczny, tak pasujący do całości... A ich wspólne scenki sprawiają,
że za każdym razem niekontrolowanie się uśmiecham, nie ważne jak bardzo
próbuję się powstrzymać. Kłaniam się do stóp. Dziękuję. :heart:
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optical-jacksonHobbyist General Artist
This has always been some of my favourite fanart of Cecil and Carlos.
Melody--Pond's avatar
Your style is really neat!  This is just how I picture them now :D
also, I think it would be cool if you drew Kevin I'm curious to see how you would draw him
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TheBadMoonsRisingHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my, I love your design for both of them so much!! Might be the most 'realistic' version of them I've seen so far. It fits the voices, their assumed age and, when it comes to Carlos, Cecil's description. Absolutely perfect... And those scenes are all super cute <3
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ShadeMunsutaStudent General Artist
Oh gosh this is too much I am in love with this
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CommanderKipHobbyist Digital Artist
your designs for both of them are flawless and beautiful god help me
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cestakrveHobbyist Photographer
my only explaining to my BF why I love WTNV and in a few sentences what is going on, was:
"Cecil? there is something horrible going around here! I need to meet you right now! It is dangerous time"!
"did you hear that listeners...A DATE!!!!" :D
Idea-man's avatar
Oh sweet sweet Carlos with his perfect hair.... This rocks!
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