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I posted this one on my fb a while back I thought maybe put it here as well why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

just playing a bit with this lineart thing
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Lovely 💗💗💗💗
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Mógłbym użyć tego arta jako wygląd postaci na jednym forum PBF? Oczywiście znalazłbyś się tutaj link do twojej wspaniałej galerii z pracami ♥

Koleżanka z tego samego forum pyta się, czy może użyć innego artu wykonanego przez ciebie. Tak jest zbyt leniwa, żeby sama to zrobić, a ja zbyt miły, żeby jej odmówić. Po prostu oboje zakochaliśmy się w twoich pracach ♥
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Goddamn, I just stumbled over this by accident (I was looking for a reference for hair colors) and all I could think is: DANG that guy practically looks exactly like my OC Aaron Njordson aka Fenrir aka Amon. Look at these two! So if you don't mind, I'll just put him in my OC's Favorite Folder... which I usually only do for requests and commissions I asked for for them... but dang it...
notitle by littleulvar   Sabrina 2 by DayIsMyFlower
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Oof (old post but-) I don't think you should put him in your ocs folder, this could be a commision, art of someone else, or their own oc. They don't even that all alike besides hair style :/ and just taking the art that wasn't for you is stealing since you are placing the art where all your ocs art goes, which claims it towards him
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Hmm... you are probably right, it gives the wrong impression... I deleted it from that folder.
And I do think they look rather a lot alike... but well, that probably depends on personal impressions.
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Looks amazing, love it
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Looks like my boyfriend's if he'd ever put up his hair 
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What lovely, drooping hair! I really like how it hangs, the freckles and lighting of this, great work!
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no matter how hard I try to ignore him in my favs section MY EYE JUST WON'T LET GOOOOO
It's too good, and I mean

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This is awesome! I love the lineart style and the colours. Question, though: Can you recommend any good tips/tutorials on drawing beards? I can never get them right. :/
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I like him! And your style!
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If only he were ginger for... reasons... <3
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Daaaaamn, he's HOT 😍
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is this that one oc?? i forget his name
doesn't he have an arm tattoo?
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OMG, it's Lane Dorsey, isn't it? Love 
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OMG hes wonderful D: ♥
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My face right now: °/////°
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The freckles and the long hair!!! :heart: I'm in love
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