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I think I've mentioned it before that I can't get enough of these two. Welp.

Cecil and Carlos (c) Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

Also please do not post it on tumblr, I already have.…

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i love this a lot, i always come back to it as one of my favourite pieces of fanart for these two <3 
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PrettyBentStudent General Artist
It's so tender☺️
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nyalenHobbyist General Artist
this is beautiful
thank you! <3 
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yokogreywordHobbyist Artist
I like this one a lot. It's just... It's a quiet moment, but you can just feel the adoration radiating off of Cecil. Carlos is just so comfortable with him, it makes me happy. The whole picture is comfortable. comforting.
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CommanderKipHobbyist Digital Artist
so perfect i'm screaming a little
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Pink-DarlingHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ubber cute♥♥
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fevercrumb123Hobbyist General Artist
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ChartreuseNoirProfessional Digital Artist
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olivaceousHobbyist Traditional Artist
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CogitaeProfessional General Artist
what setting and brush do you use? your brushstrokes are flawless...
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midnightsonlyblissStudent Digital Artist
Cecilos fOReVah!

Eternal Scouts forever.

Death is forever.

Never not fear death. Invite him in for tea. Maybe he's only hungry.

All hail the glow cloud.
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angi-pantsProfessional Digital Artist
gah this is the cutest Cecil and Carlos ever!! :meow:
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Little-AlectoStudent General Artist
Oh my your fanarts are brilliant - this is probably one of my favourite imaginings of Cecilos; like seriously, your style is beautiful.
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I love your Cecilos I serrrriously can't get enough of your stuff. D: uugh so good
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DeerAzeenHobbyist Digital Artist
AHHH I finally found you *^*) your art is amazing! REALLY! keep being awesome!
one-monsters-energy's avatar
one-monsters-energyHobbyist Artist
okay so I found this picture a long time ago on tumblr and its literally my favorite thing in the whole world and im flipping out that i finally know who the artist is!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS WITH ALL MY HEART!
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AnmlBriHobbyist General Artist
Same here! I actually found it on Tumblr about a week ago, but this is now my head canon for Cecil and Carlos! They are so precious! :3 I love the gray hair along Carlos' temples, and Cecil's eyebrows and bone structure. And I like to imagine he has silver hair interspersed with the blond on top of his head. Take this, and add that Cecil mentioned backpacking across Europe after college like it was a decent while ago, and I've decided that he and Carlos are in AT LEAST their late 30s, maybe mid-40s.
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RococospadeProfessional Digital Artist

How could anyone get enough of these two? They're adorable.

I clicked on this not knowing what it was in your gallery and SQUEALED when I read the description. Great work~

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Herbst-RegenProfessional Digital Artist
Genialnie *płacze nad swoim ubogim słownikiem, przez który nie może wyrazić piękna tego dzieła*
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littleulvarProfessional General Artist
Dziękuję ;_; :heart:
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SethMaxwellHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm trying not to squeal at the cuteness, but it's very hard!
WhereTheSunSets's avatar
ugh good lord this is the cutest sweetest thing how are you so good
KaienLoveYaoi2's avatar
KaienLoveYaoi2Student General Artist
OMG this is the sweetest thing ever :heart: Sweet sleepy baby and so peaceful
Think I'mma cry
your style is beautiful btw
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nk-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
You draw really nice arms and hands, omg. o3o
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