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27K Views uh, I seriously shouldn't be allowed to make up titles.

anyways, here's something I wanted to draw for a quite long time. Shitloads of books. Yes.

and I have a question for you guys; I was thinking about opening commissions, but I need to know whether anybody would be interested?
I used to do commissions a few years ago, but my style has changed quite strongly since then, and, um, I'm not so sure about it anymore.
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I know this is an old piece but
its just lovely
justjukka's avatar
Do you sell prints?  Minus the impeccable sense of fashion, this is me to a T!
otterchild's avatar
LOVE your stuff!
Zanzagnarius's avatar
This image is what I've been searching for! Might I humbly ask for your permission to use this in a blogpost I'm putting together? You will be fully credited and linked to the post. ZOMG it's perfect! :D
BummerForShort's avatar
Looks cozy as shit.
repurplow's avatar
Love this one!!!! Reminds me of a character of mine..... 

Love iiiiiiit! <3333333333333
BesuNony's avatar
Your anatomy is really good and your colors are so rich and organic. I love the composition. Your books came out splendid. Great work!
Gryffgirl's avatar
I love the colors and concept!  Books, a cat and a comfy chair.  Three things that make me happy beyond belief!
Little-Red-Fox's avatar
Very nice one !
I wish I could spend most of my days this way !
I already have books piles everywhere in my room, plus a cat...
I just lack... The time ! X)
DemonFreeze's avatar
Reminds me of an older Emily Kaldwin from Dishonored :] A lot of the stuff I've seen reminds me of that game actually ^w^ If you don't already work for a game company, they should be slapped for missing out hahaha
OhMyGodItsTheYeti's avatar
this is me!^.^
awesome work
Piimocial's avatar
One thing which caught my eyes is the red sofa. ;)
kafel88's avatar
przyjemnie spędzony czas z książkami:)
princessofDisney27's avatar
ooooo this is beaufitul and so cute ^^
corruptTessa's avatar
Akfrntpdwsdflmbn ><
My dream spending hours and days like that~~
Much love to this work ~:heart:
Books and sheets look actually good. (esp that upper one, with girl's feet on it :з )
Milena-Zaremba's avatar
Czy mogę podesłać link do tej pracy do kilku książkowych fanpejdżów na Fejsbuku? Jest przesłodka C:
littleulvar's avatar
Nie mam nic przeciwko c:

iii dziękuję c':
Milena-Zaremba's avatar
To poleciało na C:

I nie ma za co C:
LovegoodTardis's avatar
this is me. Ha, i love alll your work! :D
RRRAX's avatar
kocham 4ever, bo ten rysek pokazuje mój raj <3
ChocolateZombieJesus's avatar
love this :) pretty much how i am at the moment just add more cats.
SocioKatz's avatar
Amazing concept :D
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